What should you do if you lost a filling and cannot afford to go to a dentist?

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Can dentists afford expensive cars?

What an odd question? Just about anyone can afford an expensive car if they (a) are willing to save up for it, and (b) are willing to sacrifice life's other experiences/object

How do you afford dentist with no insuance?

You should check out this website, It is not insurance but a medical/dental discount plan. It allows you to get discounts for dental, vision, chiropractic, prescription and ph

How do dentist filling?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration ofEsthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a ceramic dentalfilling product that allows a dental practitioner to produce themost

What can you do for a absess tooth you can not afford to go to a dentist?

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What can you do if you lost your job and cannot afford to pay rent?

First of all, immediately contact your landlord to arrange a payment plan. You should have enough money to make at least a partial rent payment. If that's not possible, try bo

What university you should go to become a dentist?

?: No particular one! Get good grades. You should be doing biology, science, antomy, physiology, and organic chemistry,you should really get a major in chemistry. An

I cannot afford an attorney. My partner in business is filing a petition and a restraining order on me. Should I go to the hearing for the filing of the petition without an attorney?

No. Often times you can hire a free student lawyer. These lawyers are supervised by the Law Professors at the University and can represent you in court to the best of their ab

When you get a filling what do the dentist do?

Fillings are materials dentists use to seal cavities after they clean out the decayed part of the tooth. They are also used to repair broken or cracked teeth. Fillings protect
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Should the government provide housing for those who cannot afford?

Yes, they should that depends if they are bag heads or not if they are a bag head no if they are a drunk no if they take any drug no if they work or are looking for work y
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Should you go to dentist with cold sores?

You can just notify them of the situation before your appointment. They should be wearing gloves to help prevent them from getting cold sores on their hands. If your in pain w
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Should you go to the dentist if you have dry socket?

Yes. It will need to be treated with medicated gauze. Dry socket means your gum has not clotted properly and if there is no clot to act as protective barrier it will very like