What should you do if your 8 months old baby fell down and his head bumps to ground?

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given the fact that none of us are with you and baby to evaluate the severity, i would STRONGLY reccommend that you use mother instincts (is baby crying more than usual when he/she falls). if there is a hicky developing on the head you may want to take baby to nearest er just to ensure that there is not any broken blood vessels that may cause major issues. one thing that i can say for sure do not let baby go to sleep anytime soon maybe within the hr ensure that baby is awake.
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I am also a full time student, 21 and still live with my parents. I don't really get any help from the dad other him getting him diapers and wipes but he has not really helped
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Well if its crying then that's ok but if it fell anywhere near its soft spot which is located on the top of a babys head where the brain is,then you need to go to the doctor N
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