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What significance do eagle and turkey feathers have in Native American spirituality?

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what significance do turkey feathers have in Native American spirituality?
An eagle feather would represent how many corps they have done to an enemy.
How many times they have touched the enemy without the enemy hurting or killing them.
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What do feathers symbolise for native Americans?

The feathers of Eagles are sacred to Native Americans. They are Creators gift to those with honor. They are used for prayer and given during sacred ceremonies to those who hav

How many feathers does a Bald Eagle have?

The Bald Eagle has an average of 7,000 feathers, and their head is not bald. Their head is covered with short, fine white feathers. Some people mistakenly believe their name i

Why do turkeys fan their feathers?

The male turkeys fan their tail feathers to attract female turkeys for romantic pursuits.

Which part of the turkey has the most feathers?

The part of the turkey that has the most feathers is likely the  central part of the body. The tail also has many feathers.

What is the word for feather in any Native American language?

Shawnee: meekonob Abenaki: miguen Maliseet: wiphun Mohegan: miqun Ojibwa: binesiwgwan, giniw-miigwan [eagle feather] Hidatsa: hi or tsakakahi [literally "bird-feather"]

What does the feather represent to native Americans?

  That would be totally dependent upon the tribe. For instance, to a northeastern Indian, it would most likely be a pretty decoration or a pretty gift to give a child who

Does a Hen Turkey fan out its feathers?

Hen Turkeys fan out their feathers to appear bigger. This behavior  is seen in every other species of turkey as well.