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What significance do eagle and turkey feathers have in Native American spirituality?

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what significance do turkey feathers have in Native American spirituality?
An eagle feather would represent how many corps they have done to an enemy.
How many times they have touched the enemy without the enemy hurting or killing them.
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What is the significance of the weasel to Native Americans?

The medicine associated with the weasel in the lore of many tribes of Native Americans is that of being able to find hidden secrets with the ability to be still and observant.

What do feathers symbolise for native Americans?

The feathers of Eagles are sacred to Native Americans. They are Creators gift to those with honor. They are used for prayer and given during sacred ceremonies to those who hav

What is the significant of the eagle feather fans to native American culture?

A distinction must be made between the fans carried today by both sexes and even small children in modern "powwows" and dance competitions and those carried historically by a

Did Native American Indians wear peacock feathers on there headpiece?

No. Peacocks are not native to North America.

What do the feathers mean on a Native American Indian?

  Warbonnets (or war bonnets) are the impressive feather headdresses commonly seen in Western movies and TV shows. Each feather had to be earned by an act of bravery. Some

Why do native Americans wear feathers in their hair?

They wore them because ech type of fether meant something diffrent (codes)  -------------  See: http://www.native-languages.org/headdresses.htm for a full answer    We

What is the word for feather in any Native American language?

Shawnee: meekonob Abenaki: miguen Maliseet: wiphun Mohegan: miqun Ojibwa: binesiwgwan, giniw-miigwan [eagle feather] Hidatsa: hi or tsakakahi [literally "bird-feather"]

What does the feather represent to native Americans?

  That would be totally dependent upon the tribe. For instance, to a northeastern Indian, it would most likely be a pretty decoration or a pretty gift to give a child who

What are native American words for eagle?

Just a few examples of native American words from north America meaning "eagle" are: Menominee...................kene:w, kene:hsaeh, mae:skwanini:w Algonquin..............