What size screw fits in a rifle scope mount hole?

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The industry standard for scope mounts is the 6-48 screw. This is an oddball size due to the fact that it is only used for that application. Brownells is one source for such screws and related tooling. Larger magnum builders have opted for the 8-40 size, however, to stand up better to the rigors of the magnum recoil.
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What is the best size rifle scope?

Impossible to answer without knowing what your end state is. Even then, "best" depends on your pocket book, skills, rifle, etc..

What scope mounts and rings fit the belgium made browning 22 semiautomatic rifle?

The Browning 22 auto was traditionally scoped with an integral scope mount base that was mounted to the barrel. The mount rides up above the receiver and rearward toward the e

Will a rifle drilled for a weaver top scope mount accept a nightforce scope mount?

If I were you I would first measure the hole distance on the rifle,center to center on the rear 2 holes and see if the measurement is the same on the nightforce mount.I would
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Where can one purchase rifle scope mounts?

One can purchase rifle scope mounts from websites like Optics Planet, Cabelas, Amazon, Scope Mounts, Airgun Depot, eBay, Talley Manufacturing and Jmecks Scope Mounts.