What song did David cook sing for American idol against David archuletafor finale?

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He sang his own version of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles.
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Who is David Cook from American Idol dating?

He had gone out on a few dates with Kimberly Caldwell from American Idol Season 2 but are not officially 'dating' yet. But, he later dumped her, since he realized he was too b

Where does David Cook from American Idol live?

David Cook's hometown is Blue Springs, Missouri. He rent a house to stay for when he work on new albums in Los Angeles and he recently bought a house out in Kansas City whenev

What songs sang by David Archuleta in the finals in American idol?

On final performance night, the show before the finale, Archie sang, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" chosen by Clive Davis, "In This Moment" for a new song, and "Imagine" ch

What songs has david cook sung on American idol?

what songs has david cook sung on American idol? You're going to have to reseach your answer on www.Google.com under "web" 1. Simply state your question " List the songs

Why wasn't david cook at the American idol finale?

The show's past winners all came to sing "Together We Are One" but David Cook was unable to attend because he was doing a cancer charity event in Kansas City. He said , "Congr