What sport uses the terminology top of the fifth?

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In Sports
Baseball Well, baseball does, for one. Fifth being the fifth inning, top of the fifth meaning that the first team is up at bat (both teams get a bat turn each inning)
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What is terminology?

Terminology is the study of terms, words or phrases, their usage within context and their meanings.

What sport does the term top of the fifth come from?

The term 'Top of the fifth' comes from the sport of baseball and is when the visiting team is batting during the fifth inning. The 'top' of an inning is when the visiting team is batting. The 'bottom' of an inning is when the home team is batting.

How is medical terminology used in communication?

The reason for using medical terminology instead of conversationallanguage is because conversational language have different meaningsfor words and phrases. In medicine it is very important to be ableto understand what is being said/written. Medical terminology usedLatin language because it is a dead (MORE)

What are the social effects of using internet terminology?

What are the effects of using the internet as source of information?. Yahoo! Research welcomed Manuel Castells, Wallis Annenberg Chair professor of communication technology and society at USC, as the third Big Thinker of 2008 to speak at its Mission College campus. Castells is also research profess (MORE)

What are the top favorite 15 sports?

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What are the terminologies used in print media?

EXCLUCIVE NEWS: Exclusive news is important news. Exclusive news has only one or two channels. For example; if any confers news have only PTV then it exclusive news.. SCOOPE: The news has only one news channel or one newspaper. This news is based on the one person investigation and public have inte (MORE)

What does top of the fifth mean?

With respects to the sport of baseball (which I believe is the root of your question), the term "top of the fifth" simply refers to the first half of the fifth inning during which the visiting team has the opportunity to bat. After the visiting team cycles through their allotted three outs, the inni (MORE)

What do you mean by terminology or jargon used by the student?

The term jargon means technical words or language that are not part of the average vocabulary, or that have different meaning when used within a group, field of study, or occupation. Because the terminology is readily understood by the practitioners, it can become the usual form of communication. (MORE)

What are the terminologies used in sepak takraw?

TERMINOLOGY Block: Blocking is a defensive skill used to counter a spike coming from close to the net. Block is usually made by jumping in the air and raising a leg and/or back to divert the ball back into the opponents court. A block counts as one contact. Center Line: Divides the length of the pl (MORE)

Where is medical terminology used?

Where ever Medical word to study Medical Terminology needed. In Health Care Occupations and Medical Transcription and medical insurance claims processing. Those medical terms are very important in medical facilities and related jobs. It is important because professionals need to be able to understan (MORE)

What key terminology is used in rivers?

Source, Mouth, Saturated, Channel, Tributary, Erosion, Transport, Deposition, Waterfall, Meander, Estuary, Oxbow lake, Lake, River, Stream, Rivulets, Flooding, burst their banks, river terrace, flood plain, boggy, run off, trickle, rainfall, source, v shaped valley, flow rate, gorge, canyon, evapora (MORE)

What are the terminologies used in poultry raising?

Some terminologies used in poultry raising are used to refer to thepoultry at different life stages. For example a hen is an adultchicken, a pullet is a young female chicken. A chick is a youngmale or female under five weeks of age. A booder is a deviceprovides heat.

Different terms and terminologies used in baking?

Different Baking Terms . Bake -to cook by dry heat in an oven Batter -flour, liquid and other ingredients, thin enough to four used in coating foods for frying. Beat -mix vogorously with a spoon,whiper or beaten. Blend -mix thoruoughy. Boil- cook liquid with bubblrs appear on surface. Bovillo (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of using medical terminology?

Using medical terminology can cause a patient to be slightly confused by what the medical professional is saying. This can be easily avoided by explaining the issue in lay terms. Between medical professionals, there is no disadvantage.

What terminology is used in rounders?

Rounders is an 1998 movie centering around the game of Poker. Examples of the terminology in the game of Texas Hold em include: "all in" (which means you are betting all of your chips) "Slow-rolling" (you are slowly showing a really good hand in order to trick your opponents into betting more) or "t (MORE)

What are the advantages of using medical terminology?

the immediate benefits of medical terminology is that the patient doesn't understand what's wrong with him/her :) now, seriously, the purpose of medical terminology is for doctors to speak a common language, to understand each other and give/receive accurate information about the patient's diseas (MORE)

Why do pharmacists use Medical terminology?

ANSWER: Almost every medical specific field uses specific terminology, usually based on latin. I believe the main reason is to avoid confusion and to be specific in the least amount of words or explanation. Unfortunately, PLAIN ENGLISH is not always so plain or term specific and compared to Latin (MORE)

What is the meaning of top incl in sap terminology?

Content provided by Ramona Maxwell - please visit www.sqlsolver.com : TOP is a T-SQL operator that returns the top x number of rows in a query. It can be used along with a where clause, say for instance to find the TOP group WHERE the date is within a specified range. SAP is a database neutral a (MORE)

Why is medical terminology used instead of English?

Medical words, mostly derived from Greek or Latin, are used with very specific meanings - also, Latin is known to be a dead language - meaning there wont be any changes to the medical terminologies. This often results in using long words that are unfamiliar to the average person, but avoids drawn-ou (MORE)

What are the top ten sports in US?

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How do medical professionals use medical terminology?

As with all technology, there must be a clear and precise way fornurses and doctors to communicate. It is a universal term ofreference and highly useful for pinpointing or describing alocation or procedure. Doctors and nurses may also use medical terminology when discussingsomething in front of a p (MORE)

Why is the word composed used in medical terminology?

Compose(d) means more than just to write and arrange music. As an adjective, it can mean "calm" or "tranquil" which would apply to psychology. As a verb, it can mean "to put together" or "to place with". It can be use as "The composite was composed of. . . . "

What occupations use Medical terminology?

The following occupations requires the use of medical terms. Allopathic Physician Athletic Trainer Audiologist Biomedical Engineer Biomedical Equipment Technician Chiropractor Clinical Laboratory Technician Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinical Technologist Coding Specialst Couns (MORE)

Do you use medical terminology at work?

Do I use medical terminology at work? Why yes I do. I used it when I was a microbiology technician, a necropsy technician, a registered nurse, a research technician, and today I use it all the time because I teach Medical Terminology. Also consider that when my family was sick, I could understand (MORE)

What sport does top of the fifth belong to?

The term "top of the fifth" belongs to the sport of Baseball. A professional regulation game of baseball has nine innings. Each inning has a top and bottom. In each half of the inning, two different teams have a chance to score by batting. So if the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals were play (MORE)

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