What time does wwe wrestling come on?

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Monday night Raw airs on USA network and starts at 8 PM.
NXT, on Tuesdays, starts at 10 PM. It can be watched on WWE's website.
On Thursdays, Superstars can be watched on WWE's own webstie at 5 PM.
Friday night Smackdown starts at 8 PM and is shown on SyFy.
Pay-per-views are always on Sundays, and show at 8 PM. Check wwe.com for all the upcoming PPVs.
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How does WWE Wrestling end right on time?

Well, they have a certain amount of time to do certain stuff for example. . Matches : 1:00 tops . Barging in : 5 minutes tops. Entrances : 20 minutes tops. Extras : 35 mi

What time does WWE wrestling comes?

Where you live at depends on what time WWE wrestling will come on. You can check your local listings for the times.

Will Triple H come back to WWE to wrestling?

yes he will i dident watch summerslam 2010 so if he dident come back then he is still recovering from his neck injury or hes taking time to spend with his family if he is stil