What to do when the board of directors refuses to participate in a properly called special meeting of unit owners of the condominium association?

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Your question describes what could be a pending disagreement between the board and a set of unit owners.

The answer you need may depend on the age of the association.

For example, if you are a new community and the developer retains control of the board, you have a different set of options than if your community is 25 years old.

Review your governing documents and look for two items: First, how might this set of unit owners overturn the control of the association by voting out all of the board members; and second, the existing guidelines that cover the disagreement the unit owners are having with the board.

You could call upon the experience of the property manager, if the property manager is willing to converse with unit owners and has not restricted its communication to members of the board.

An experienced condominium property manager may be able to help mediate the conversation between the board and this set of unit owners.

Finally, a condominium attorney willing to accept unit owners as clients may be your last resort. An attorney will be able to get your board's attention.
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Regarding Condominium laws who is eligible to be on the association board?

Usually just the person that owns the condo. . Review your governing documents to understand the qualifications for board membership in your particular community. No two states establish the same requirements; as well condominium governing documents will vary wildly on this point. During the d (MORE)

When does a condominium association cease to be an association?

Usually, the association must be dissolved in order for the association to cease. (It may not be in good standing under the guidelines of the Secretary of State, but not filing your annual renewal -- if one is required in your state -- but this may not automatically dissolve the association.) Yo (MORE)

What part of the condominium board meeting minutes does the secretary post in a news letter to the homeowners?

As the board secretary, you have responsibility for keeping the minutes of board meetings, because these minutes are part of the permanent history of the association. Board meeting minutes usually contain resolutions for motions, seconds and board vote counts. Often resolutions become an extensio (MORE)

If the Home Owners Association for a condominium community hires a roofer to make repairs to the common area and there is damage to a unit owners personal property who is responsible for the damages?

It all depends.. Depending on the insurance policy you carry on your personal property, and depending on the insurance carried by the association and the insurance carried by the roofer, there would be some number of possibilities for who ultimately pays. If I were you, I'd document the loss of m (MORE)

Can a Condominium Regime Association be changed to A Zero Lot Line Complex by the owners?

Depending on the country where you live, as owners, you may be able to alter the governing documents to this extent, and usually it will take a large majority of owners -- such as 67% -- to make this kind of major adjustment. Your governing documents -- together with advice of council -- can help y (MORE)

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Maryland?

The governing documents for the condominium association, known as Covenants, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the associated By-laws and any Board Resolutions constitute the steps and processes involved in an eviction process. As well, there may be state laws regarding eviction that mus (MORE)

Who is on the board of directors of US Citizens Association?

Board Chairman: . Ed Rollins, Republican Party campaign consultant, national campaign chairman of 2008 Mike Huckabee Presidential campaign. . Board Members: . Rev. Herschel Gammill, Cathedral of Life Ministries in Canton, OH . Source: Taliaferro, Tim; "National Anti-Obama Group Backs Down (MORE)

When a condominium association has a right of first refusal in their declarations what does that mean?

It depends on what the association has '...a right of first refusal' over.. Legally, the right of first refusal is a contracted right that gives the holder -- association in this case -- the option to enter into a business transaction with the owner -- probably of real property in this case -- acco (MORE)

Where in Ohio law on can you sue the board of directors of a homeowner associations?

A better query might be where does it say that you can't sue ? Another Answer It's a better idea to read your governing documents to discover what's required of the board. If you disagree with the board's actions, or can document the board's demonstrated lack of responsibility toward its du (MORE)

Can a condominium association enter a unit that is in foreclosure?

It's a good idea to check with the current owner -- the bank, or whomever owns the unit -- before entering it. For safety and security reasons -- to inspect for potential frozen pipes, turn off the hot water heater, set minimum heat in cold winter months, and so forth -- the association may be in a (MORE)

What to do when the board refuses to honor vote of the majority at a properly called special meeting of unit owners of the condominium association?

Read your governing documents and determine what percentage of owners are required to overwhelm your board. It may be 51% or 67% or some other large percentage. If you have the percentage of owners voting that are required, you can engage an attorney willing to take on clients who are not associati (MORE)

What is the role of a condominium association board president?

You can take a free, online course that will help you understand the fundamentals of association leadership, using the link, below. Otherwise, your duties and responsibilities are also detailed in the governing documents of the association where you serve as president of the board. The free cours (MORE)

Can the Condominium Owners Association in Hawaii evict a unit owner who is undesirable?

Read your governing documents to determine which owner behaviours violate the agreements that the owner signed when the owner purchased a unit. 'Undesireable' is a judgmental word that requires more precise definition. 'Drug dealer', 'non-payer of assessments', 'brothel keeper', 'noisy party host' (MORE)

What are the laws regarding filming in home owners association meetings?

Your answer depends on who's filming and the purpose for filming or recording an association meeting. There may or may not be a law covering filming or recording -- you can check with your local Secretary of State regarding the style of corporation your association fits within. (Associations are (MORE)

Right of first refusal for condominium association sample?

This right is documented in your governing documents, because each situation is unique. Essentially, it means that should you decide to sell your unit, the association reserves the right to purchase it, and if it refuses -- by right of first refusal -- to buy it, you can sell it on the open market (MORE)

Can people in condominium units hold religious meetings?

Read your governing documents to determine ways to address the impact of meetings of any kind that you want to hold in your unit. Items to consider will be: . Traffic through any gate boundary . Parking for visitors . Noise, especially quiet hour guidelines . Safety and security, given a lar (MORE)

Is the board of directors more powerful than an owner?

Yes. Read your governing documents to more fully understand how your stake in cooperative ownership of real estate operates: you'll discover that it is a business. Essentially, then, you are a 'stockholder' in this business, also known as an owner, a member, and so forth. As an owner, you elect m (MORE)

Who can attend an executive session board meeting in a homeowner association?

An executive session -- board meeting -- is usually called to discuss confidential issues, such as disciplinary action planned/ strategized, payroll matters, criminal matters, and so forth. It is only open to board members in good standing, not to the general membership or the public. A professio (MORE)

How does the board of directors improve the participation of its members?

This is a tough one, everywhere, especially for the member owners. Members of the board who do not participate, effectively stop the flow of the business of the association. They occupy a seat and produce nothing. In your governing documents, it's possible that you can find the section that the oth (MORE)

Is a condo association required to have a board of directors?

If the association is a corporation -- and in most states, this is true: associations are usually non-profit corporations, the state may require that the corporation have a board of directors. Without a board, it's unclear how an association could operate the business composed of the multi-million (MORE)

What is the penalty for not notifying owners of a board meeting?

Read your governing documents to determine what kind of notification is required for a board meeting. There are board meetings where no vote is taken, which are working board meetings where matters are discussed, options weighed, and so forth, when it is unlikely that owners would want to attend. (MORE)

Can a Board of Directors block a sale of a condominium unit?

You need to review the governing documents for the particular condominium project. There may be certain provisions that give the board the right of first refusal or some other right that would empower it to block a sale if certain conditions had not been met. You need to review the governing docume (MORE)

In a Homeowners Association can non-owners be on the board of directors?

Sometimes a non-owner -- usually not a tenant -- can be hired as a member of the board, under the corporate guidelines that govern the association under state law. For example: a non-profit corporation's board composition. The percentage of membership on the board that fits into this category cou (MORE)

Can a city council member be on a home owners association board?

Of course, any one can. I'm pretty sure of it. Another Answer Any owner -- with their name on the title to a residence -- can be voted onto the board of an association, regardless of their occupation or other volunteer work. In the situation where there could be a conflict of interest, however (MORE)

How can I find out who the board members of my home owners association are?

As an owner, your board is obligated to make certain documents available to you on a regular basis. For example, board meeting minutes, your governing documents and any updates to them, certain financial records and so forth. Your association is a business and its officers are listed with the secret (MORE)

Is there an existing list for condominium associations and home owners assciations for the state of Illinois?

In direct answer to your question, probably no official list exists. (Many of us want the same answer, but for our own counties and states. About 60% of the urban population of the USA, which is about 80% of its population, live in 'commonly owned housing', such as condominiums, co-ops and home o (MORE)

Do Condominium associations have to have A Board of directors?

Yes, many (and maybe all) condominium associations have boards of directors. This style of real estate ownership -- an association -- is a business. The business is properly registered with the Secretary of State (the location of the community) as a corporation, usually a non-profit. Business re (MORE)

Can the home owners association refuse owners gate access codes?

Work with your board and your association manager to most fully understand why access is being denied. For example: It is possible that your governing documents specify that when you do not pay your assessments -- which pays for upkeep of the pool -- that you can be denied access to the pool by re (MORE)

Can board members of home owners association be sued individually?

Yes, in some cases. The first task is to identify the section(s) of the governing documents that board members violated, and produce proof that the parties have attempted to work through their differences given the processes described therein, and in the state law that covers your type of associa (MORE)

Can the Declaration of Condominium be legally changed by some unit owners if others object?

Read your governing documents to fully understand the process required to alter the land-use -- Declaration -- of your association. Depending on the content of the amendment, different percentages may be required to vote in favour in order to pass the amendment changing the basic declaration. Us (MORE)

Are condominium unit owners required to have homeowners insurance?

Yes. However, insurance for a condominium unit is more complicated than insuring a private home. Insurance provisions are made a part of the boilerplate language in the documents that create the condominium. Since the value and well being of the community depends on the upkeep and maintenance of eac (MORE)

What is considered a meeting for a condominium association under sunshine law?

Many states have individiual sunshine laws -- and there is afederal sunshine law requiring openness in governance, includinggovernance meetings and records. Read your governing documents to determine when and how your boardcan conduct business -- make motions, vote on motions, and soforth. Any such (MORE)

May Home owners in a California Home Owners Association Non profit mutual benefits corporation record their board meetings?

Recording association board meetings is problematic. Review the recording statute for the State of California. You maybe required to read an announcement that you are recording themeeting, and quote the statute reference. Also read the non-profit statute that covers your association. Youcan find t (MORE)

How can the board of directors of a homeowners association foreclose on a unit owner who is in arrears on his dues?

Read your governing documents to determine how this isaccomplished. The association and the owner both have responsibilities insofar asassessments are concerned. When an owner fails to honour theassessment obligation, the association may be able to foreclose ona unit. This action, however, is dram (MORE)

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Florida?

Generally, tenants are required to live in condominiums in the sameway that owners are required to live there. Several steps must bein place, however, according to best practices, in order for anassociation to evict a tenant. First, there must be evidence that the tenant has been given allthe pertin (MORE)

Does a condo association have to provide a list of unit owners names when running for a seat on the board of directors?

Your answer depends on who you are. If you are running for the board, you may not automatically begiven access to this list, unless the secretary has kept a list. Inthis case, the list is one of the association's documents, and asan owner, you have access to all business documents of theassociation. (MORE)