What traditions does Venezuela have?

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The traditons venezuela had was the same traditions as puerto rican people they have. presidents day , halloween , christmas , el dia de los muertos and a lot of more stuff
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What is the traditional dress in Venezuela?

For work, school, play and everyday life, people dress just like in the US. But the folkloric tradition is as follows: . The most common for men is the "Liquiliqui" . . . a

Traditional dress of venezuela?

Here is what I could find, httphttp://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/iariturk/iariturk1103/iariturk110300010/9115610-istanbul--april-23-venezuelan-girls-perform-in-traditiona

What is the traditional clothing of Venezuela?

para las mujeres es un vestido o una blusa y falda. Para los hombres, normalmente llevando un traje blanco. Spanish to English translation: For women it's a dress or a blous
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What are traditional crafts in Venezuela?

Specializing in Hand Made Treasures from Around the World Andes Mountains Featured Artists . Beatriz Buceta is a very talented ceramics artist living in the Andes mou