What type of clothing do the people in the West Indies wear?

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Caribbean colours & prints.
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What type of clothes do people wear in Romania?

Yong Romanian girls wear very skimpy clothes. They show a lot of skin, but still look good. Well who answered this was not quite good informed. Romanian people are one of the most elegant people. Because the French influence, Romanian women are dressing in dresses and skirts- because they still (MORE)

What type of clothes do people in Spain wear?

Well Spanish people are like everyone in the world, they are no different what so ever and in fact in Madrid they are ahead in fashion then most of the rest of the U.S. So what you would wear they'll wear too.

What type of clothes do people wear in Japan?

It depends on the area of Japan you are asking about. Tokyo (mainland) Japan is very flashy, over the top and colorful. Think like cartoon bikers. In lower Japan, they are more conservative with mostly greys, greens, and whites with accesories in bright colors. Layers are very popular. The men mostl (MORE)

What type of clothes do people wear in USA?

Essentially the same as Europe, Japan, and China, and every other industiralized nation of the world.. Most of America's youth live in t-shirts and jeans or shorts. Check any Facebook or MySpace photo page.

What type of clothing do dutch people wear?

They are a very modern up-to-date nation in Europe and wear western-style clothes just like people in other westernised countries. They have a national costume, but this is only worn in a few tiny towns. They do this on purpose as a tourist attraction so that people can see howit used to be.

What type of clothes do people in France wear?

France is a modern country in Europe. You will find the people there dress the same as in any industrialized nation, including the United States, Germany or England. Years ago, there were many regional differences, and people often wore what today look like folk or peasant costumes; French people we (MORE)

What type of clothing do paraguayn people wear?

most of them are very stylish ... always looking the best they can ... they present them selves very well .... even if they don't have much money ... but of course there are some very poor people who wear what ever hand me downs they can get .... but in a whole i think they dress very well kind of d (MORE)

What type of clothing does Islamic people wear?

There is no fixed clothing of Muslims. The clothing of Muslims if determined by their local culture fo the state or country. However the dress must conform to the general guidelines. For men, it should cover them form navel to knees. for women, it should cover their whole body except hands, feet and (MORE)

What type of clothes do Buddhist people wear and why?

Most people who's religion is Buddhism, have baggy clothes in many different colours & patterns Answer: There is no Buddhist "uniform". Buddhists dress in a manner consistent with the norms of the location in which they live. In America this might be jeans and hoodies, in Scotland even kilts an (MORE)

What type of clothing do Bahamian people wear?

Bahamians wear modern Western-style clothing. Colorful costumes of all kinds can be seen at the annual Junkanoo festivals in Nassau and other locations.. Bahamians wear modern Western-style clothing. Colorful costumes of all kinds can be seen at the annual Junkanoo festivals in Nassau and other loc (MORE)

What type of clothes do people in Tibet wear?

Each part of Tibet has its own distinct style of clothing. Tibetan clothing consists of a robe and shirt. The Tibetan robe worn by men is broad and is normally fastened under the right arm, while the woman's are slightly narrower with or without sleeves. Men typically wear white shirts with high col (MORE)

What types of clothes do people wear in Peru?

there are a lot of clothing for Peru but i will tell you some there are Llilla and Keperina ,Dolleras , unkuna so thank you for reading and keep looking up on wiki answers thank you

What type of clothes do people wear in Liberia?

The people of Liberia wear western style clothes mixed with traditional African clothes. People of Lebanese descent who live in Liberia wear western style clothing. Liberians wear traditional clothing, (which is very, very colorful) for most special occasions. Women's outfits are usually called a 't (MORE)

What type of clothes do people wear in mountains?

Warm, water-proof clothing that will both act as an insulator and a means to slick away sweat and keep the body well ventilated. They have to wear layers, because the weather changes every 5 or 10 minutes in the mountains, and where one minute it's cold and raining, the next could be warm and sunny. (MORE)

What type of clothes do Scottish people wear?

Scotland clothing mainly features the tartan which is the traditional dress of Scotland. People of the Highland Scots mostly wear this dress. Kilt was the one of the traditional Scotland dress of the people. The modern Scotland clothing comprises of jackets, sporran, skean dhu, kilt hose and (MORE)

What type of clothing do people in Madagascar wear?

Eurpean styled. The dye on their clothes is made from berries, minerals, and other natural resources. DIFFERENT PERSON I say that their clothes is called a 'lamba'. its a piece of cloth wrapped around the torso then shoulders/head. women wear it more then men. they wear it over western style (MORE)

What type of clothing do people wear in Venezuela?

Well, it's for sure that it's not cold in Venezuela, so mostly they wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, long pants sometimes, and maybe a hard clothed robe. The wealthier people wear soft cotton robes like the ones we wear but a more precise design on them.

What types of clothes does French people wear?

People inFrance wear things just like us in the UK. But as you probably have guessed there should be one item that they wear. Well it is called a bureau Said be-ray. . It comes in all different types of colours.

What type of clothing do indien people wear?

A correction in the question, its Indian and not indien. Indians have a wide range of clothing in different parts of India. There are saris which a long piece of fabric rapped around the body. It is a very common clothing worn almost throughout India. The there is the salwar kameez, which is a two (MORE)

What type of clothing do people in Idaho wear?

Being an Idahoan, I should know :). We almost always dress in layers, even in summer. The weather can change in an instant here. You see a lot of jeans, short-shorts, and hoodies...but clothing depends on you're lifestyle. Manual laborers (plus a few ranchers/dairymen/etc.) are common; work boots, j (MORE)

What type of clothes do delhi people wear?

Kurta Pyjama and Sherwani are traditional costumes for men inDelhi. However, these days you can see most of the boys and men inshirt, trousers, jeans and t-shirt. The influence of modern cultureis adopted of youth and they love to put on exceptional clothing

What type of clothing do people in Guatemala's wear?

people in Guatemala wear Women: a whipil a traditional dress( clothing may vary in different locations of Guatemala) Men: wear a traditional type of pants and shirt (clothing my vary in different locations of Guatemala. i don't know the exact name of the outfit)

What type of clothing do people in Jordan wear?

A high percentage of people in Jordan wear European and American style clothes. Still, a substantial portion of the population (specifically females) still wear conservative apparel, such as head scarves or Abbayas.

What type of clothes do Morocco people wear?

Having worked in Morrocco I can tell you that most of the people there wear long (to the ground) robes with either hoods or no hoods. Some wear regular clothing underneath, some choose not too. When I was working there I purchashed what looks like a long piece of fabric with arm holes on one end. Th (MORE)

What type of clothing do people in Mali wear?

The people in Mali wear big, floaty clothes that are often multicoloured and very bright. They also wear head scarves and lots of accessories like bangles and bracelets and toe rings. Their clothing is very unique and inventive. I think they wear what really reflects their personality and what they (MORE)