What type of narrator does faulkner use in barn burning?

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He uses interior monologue
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What types of dressings are used for burns?

I am not too sure myself but Savlon Antiseptic Cream (which I already use at home) is incredibly versatile - it can be used for all of the following: . Cuts . Grazes . Inse

How is barn burning an open ending?

the sound of the shots at the end.. The shots leaves in doubt what happens to Lennie and Abner Snopes. They may have been killed by Major De Spain or they may have escaped

Why does abner burn Barnes in barn burning?

Abner shows some strange respect for fire because it is his weapon of choice like a sword or gun for other men. Not only does he burn down barns with this weapon, but he also
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Why does Faulkner use that narrator in A Rose for Emily?

Faulkner uses 3rd person limited in this story, and it's in the perspective of the town. The story is written in the perspective of the town simply because if the story was to
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What type of narrator would an author use he or she?

Narrators that use words like "he/she" are talking in third personpoint of view. When talking in third-person point of view, you mayalso use words like "it" or "they".