What type of pollution is created from obtaining energy from wind power?

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There is no air, land or water pollution from wind power. Wind turbines in use have a noise which some people call noise pollution.
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How is wind energy obtained?

Wind energy is generally captured with windmills. \n \n \nThe term windmill was actually termed to describe using wind to produce mechanical energy to run a mill such as a grain mill to produce flower.\n \n \nIn the USA, many of the early windmills powered mechanical pumps for water, especially water to feed animals in remote areas.\n \n \nMost modern windmills incorporate a generator and are now used to produce electricity rather than mechanical energy.

How is wind energy created?

About 1% of the solar energy that hits the earth turns into heat in the air. It makes the air rise. As the air rises, other air must move to take its place, and this is wind. A smaller amount of air motion comes from evaporated water, which weighs less than air and also rises. However, it takes a lot more energy to evaporate water than heat air, so this is a smaller effect.

Can wind energy power cars?

Yes, This would likely be done by first converting the wind energy into electricity and then using that electricity to power an electric car. Though if you want a car powered directly by the wind, it would look more like a skate board with a sail, and so wouldn't really be considered a car. Though it is transportation by wind energy.

How do wind turbines create energy?

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator. They turn mechanical energy into electricity Most commonly through windmills. the wind pushes on a tilted blade causing it to rotate. A generator inside the windmill then turns the kinetic energy of the rotation into an electric current..

Does wind power pollute?

No. The only pollution wind turbines put out is in the construction of a wind turbine. Once they are built and turn the power of the wind into electrical energy, there is no pollution. And only a few birds and bats are killed by wind turbines. Far less birds and bats are killed by wind turbines, than are killed by other sources of energy producing power plants. Wind pollutes in the construction of the unit. It also pollutes whenever the unit is maintained. There is also the 100,000 birds and bats killed each year in Massachusetts alone. More are killed in other states. This is an environmental issue that should not be ignored. The real issue though is the small amount of power they use. A typical generator, when running, will deliver about 8% of the claimed power. The rated power is based on a steady 28 mph wind. Should the average wind lower to 14 mph, you will see 10% of rated. Winds over 31 mph cause a braking action and actually cause systems to consume power.

What is the source of the energy that creates winds?

Kinetic and solar are two souces of the energy that results in winds. Kinetic energy refers to the movement of the earth on its axis. Solar energy refers to the influence from the heat and light of the sun. Both sources are responsible for the movement of the earth's air. That movement is called 'wind'. Sometimes the movement is that of a slight breeze. Other times the movement is that of a howling tornado.

How does the sun's energy create wind?

As the sun warms the Earth's surface, the atmosphere warms too. Some parts of the Earth receive direct rays from the sun all year and are always warm. Other places receive indirect rays, so the climate is colder. Warm air, which weighs less than cold air, rises. Then cool air moves in and replaces the rising warm air. This movement of air is what makes the wind blow.

How do wind turbines create energy if there is no wind?

They don't, there are brakes in the nacelle which is a part of the wind turbine. When there is no wind the brakes are on so that the rotors don't turn. In other words TURBINES DON'T MAKE ENERGY WHEN THERE IS NO WIND. They only produce power when the wind is between 14 and 28 mph.

Do wind turbines create pollution?

No! They are great sources of electricity and energy, a natural and green way! Well, some argue that they create visual and noise pollutions. Although the wind itself causes no pollution, when wind turbines are used as a way of generating electricity they require a back up for times when the wind is not blowing. This back-up is typically powered by natural gas which is a fossil fuel and does cause pollution. So if the wind was constant and consistent there would be no pollution however this is not the case and so there is still some pollution associated with wind power.

What is bad about wind power energy?

Wind powered energy is bad because renewable resources need to be found and used. Or you can say: One collapses all collapses. Info: Wind farms are super important these days!!! A bad thing about wind power is you have to build a lot of windmills to gain enough power to make it worthwhile. This means that "wind farms" can cover large areas of land, however, this can also be used for agricultural purposes at the same time. The other problem with wind power is its unreliability. Sometimes wind don't blow, other times its blowing too strongly for the turbines to be allowed to run - they'd either overheat the generator's bearings or become structurally unsound because of physical imbalances in the blades.

Is wind a type of renewable energy?

Yes. Wind is basically do to the sun and the rotating earth. Both of these are expected to continue almost forever, so new wind will continually be made, no matter how much we use.

What type of energy does wind have?

Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind intomechanical power. The mechanical power can used for specific tasksor a generator can convert this mechanical power into electricity.

How does wind create energy?

the wind rotate the wings of the wind mill this is kinetic energy this energy converted as mechanical energy this converted as electrical energy in generator thus produces power

Is renewable energy a type of pollution?

Many critics of wind power feel that the visual appearance of large wind turbines constitutes visual pollution, while the noise generated by them constitutes sound pollution. A: No. Renewable energy comes in many forms, hydro electric dams, solar panels on roofs, graceful wind towers, geothermal power stations with zero carbon emissions. Compare these to fossil fuelled energy like coal burning power stations and you will understand what real pollution is.

Wind is what type of energy?

IT is Potential Energy, Wind is kinetic energy- the energy of a moving mass, just like the energy of any other moving mass, car, boat, bicycle, flywheel, etc.

How does wind energy get its power?

The energy of moving air is captured by new versions of the medieval windmill, which was used to grind grain. Modern windmills have huge curved propeller-like blades that "pinwheel" and spin when hit by blowing wind. Each set of blades are set atop a tower and have an integrated turbine generator that creates electric power.

What type of energy is wind energy?

Renewable energy. Wind energy is made by the wind it is really very simple all it is is the wind blowing wind then that electricity is drawn into a large generator which is then formed into wind energy that can power your home appliences.

What kind of polluting does wind power generate?

Wind power farms create visual and noise pollution, which are justas nasty as other, more familiar forms of pollution. In addition, there is some thought that by taking energy from theairflow, wind generators in large farms may in fact have an effecton air temperatures. Whether this would in turn lead to weatherchanges is unknown. Another answer: Wind farms do not directly cause pollution. There is some duringthe construction, placement and during maintenance. Fossil fuelplants also must run to support the large power variations. The only other pollution that we consider significant is thehundred of thousands of flying creatures that are killed annuallyby wind turbines. The only type of pollution that wind power creates is in the building of the wind turbines and their installation. Once a wind power is built and the turbines spin, and the blades turn generators converting wind power into electricity, there is no pollution. The pollution created by the building and installation of wind turbines is very small. In the creation of the unit, many gases are generated. Once installed they produce a small amount of actual power (about 8% of what they are rated to produce on average) and a large number of dead animals from flying into the blades. The pollution from wind comes from two sources. One is the building of the unit. The other is from the fossil fuel plants that support the system's variations. Neither point of pollution is considered when we talk about wind being green. We also ignore the 100's of thousands of flying animals killed annually by wind turbine.

Does the sun's energy create wind?

Absolutely. With the assistance of the rotating Earth. Warming the ground (or the sea) warms the air above it. The air rises (and the pressure falls) and air from higher pressure areas move in i.e. Wind.

How does wind power get its energy?

A windmill operates a turbine. wind farms. and wind mills. Through the use of Windmills. Basically wind turns the blades which powers a turbine. Wind power is produced when the suns heat heats up the air thus making it move calling it wind. Then a windturbine's propellers starts to spin when the wind makes it move. And then that motion is then converted into electricity.

What are the different types of wind energy?

Well wind energy is all the same , it is energy that comes form the sun (which heats the air and this causes winds). The energy can be harvested by sails (as in sailing ships) or by wind mills (as in grinding flour or pumping water) or wind turbines (as in generating electricity).

How is wind energy source obtained?

There is a machine, this machine reacts to wind. Like a fan, it moves when wind passes throught it. When its moving its creating a friction inside of the machine and the friction is harnest into a energy source used by humans.

Does wind create pollution?

No, it does not create any pollution because since wind energy doesn't use any sort of bad energy that creates pollution, it's not bad for the environment and also because the wind spins windmills and since windmills don't use any energy, it does not create pollution or anything else bad for our environment and that is a very good thing.

How many types of wind power are there?

There are really only two types of wind turbines. Alternating current and direct current. They range in size from 400 watt units up to 5 megawatt units. They typically will produce about 8% of the rated power. A 400 watt unit will be able to produce 400watt/hours if the wind is blowing exactly 28 mph. If the wind gusts to 31 mph the systems will stop producing power. At 14 mph they will produce 10% of the rated power. All things considered, these systems are still not able to produce usable power for the world. Hopefully, they will get better.

How is wind energy obtained and used?

A wind turbine, which is installed on top of a tall tower, collects kinetic energy from the wind and converts it to electricity that is compatible with a home's electrical system.In a normal residential application, a home is served simultaneously by the wind turbine and a local utility. If the wind speeds are below the wind turbine's start up speed there will be no output from the turbine and all of the needed power is purchased from the utility. As wind speeds increase, turbine output increases and the amount of power purchased from the utility is proportionately decreased. When the turbine produces more power than the house needs, the extra electricity is sold to the utility (net metering). All of this is done automatically.

Does wind create energy?

No. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The energy of thewind ultimately comes from the sun.

What can wind energy power in a house?

Wind energy, when coverted to electrical energy, can power just about anything in a house- HOWEVER- many things may need MORE electrical power than you can produce. Those things may include a heat pump, electric heat, electric water heaters, electric clothes dryers.

How much energy is obtained from wind turbines in one year?

The World Wind Energy Association, an industry organization reported that in 2010, wind power had the capacity to generate 430 TWh annually. This is about 2.5% of total energy generated worldwide. (430 Terawatts is 430 million million kilowatt hours: 430,000,000,000,000 kWh) Same amount as in any other unit of time. What electrical energy generators output is electrical energy. Thus, wind turbines, or rather wind turbine generators (WTG) connected to the wind turbines, provide electrical energy. They are rated by their ability to create that energy, i.e., by the amount of energy output within a period of time. This is termed "power". If the WTG ranked 1 MW (MegaWatt) cranks out energy for one hour (all the time with the same power) it outputs 1 MWh (Megawatthour). In simpler, math terms, the energy generated equals to integral of power over time period.

Are tornadoes a type of wind energy?

Yes. Tornadoes are violent windstorms and their energy is in their wind. However, this energy cannot be harnessed because tornadoes are too difficult to predict and would likely damage or destroy any wind turbines.

How does sun energy create wind?

The wind is just a big convection current created by the sun. The sun heats up the atmosphere, and the hot air rises up (because hot air is lighter than colder/normal air) and colder air rushes in to replace it therefore, generating wind. I hope I have helped:).

Why doesn't wind energy pollute?

Because wind is part of nature. It doesn't release carbon dioxide emissions like fossil fuels do, so it isn't causing global warming and climate change.

What type of energy that creates the wind?

As the earth rotates, it is executing movement, therefore the form of energy to create wind is known as kinetic (moving) energy. I hope I answered your question correct to your standards.