What was Croatia called before it was Croatia?

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Republic of Yugoslavia
(President Tito used to hold all those states together in the Republic of Yugoslavia)
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Where is Croatia?

Croatia is a country in the South-East of Europe. It is parallel to Italy and it is surrounded by the following countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia

Did Italy invade Croatia before the war?

No. On April 6, 1941, German troops crossed through Bulgaria and invaded Greece and Yugoslavia. Prior to this, Italy had invaded Greece without cooperating with Germany. But t

Why is Croatia called Croatia?

Croats called themselves Hrvati and Croatia is Hrvatska in Croatian. But long before 7th century (it's estimated that's the time when Croats immigrated to today's Croatia)

Where did the the croatian people come from before coming to Croatia?

If you trace it back far enough Croats are from Samaria, Samaritans that traveled from the middle east out towards europe (unsure of the exact year). Some of these nomads sett

What is the Relief in Croatia?

In the east there is mostly lowland with some small mountains, in the middle part there are lots of hills and some small mountains, in the mountain region (near the adriatic c
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Why are toilets in Croatia called WC?

"WC" refers to the old name for a toilet (in English) "WaterCloset" which is an international means of indicating a toilet.