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FAQ Farm is the old name of this website. We used to call it "FAQ Farm: The WikiAnswers Community." It's always been about "wiki answers," even before we adopted wiki software in 2004. Starting in 2002, this site has been a place to grow individuals' questions and answers into FAQ-style answer resources for the whole world to use.
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What is a FAQ?

FAQs FAQs are a set of F requently A sked Q uestions and answers on agiven topic. Sometimes people will refer to an individual question as a FAQ, butmore precisely it means

Why was this website called FAQ Farm?

F=facts A=answers Q=questions A farm has numerous livestock and crops..that means many variousthings are on a farm.. so this website has facts, answers, andquestions that ran

Why did FAQ Farm change its name to WikiAnswers?

\n WikiAnswers \n. \nAt the beginning of 2007 we officially changed our name from FAQ Farm to WikiAnswers. We did this for a variety of reasons:\n. \n* FAQ Farm has grea

Why did FAQ Farm become part of Answers.com?

WikiAnswers and Answers.com . \nIn November 2006 FAQ Farm changed from being an independent website owned and operated entirely by Chris Whitten (with a few thousand volunt

What has changed since FAQ Farm became WikiAnswers?

Answer . WikiAnswers changes every day. Although FAQ Farm was always improving upon itself, the pace of change has increased since it became part of Answers.com and changed

What was the first question asked on FAQ Farm?

( From Crystal on the Supervisors' forum... ) Chris Whitten, the founder of this very site when it was FAQ Farm and a very dear friend, sent me this e-mail: "I'm sorry t

Who founded FAQ Farm?

FAQ Farm founder Chris Whitten was the founder of FAQ Farm. More information can be found in a related question located below.
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Is the founder of FAQ Farm still involved with WikiAnswers?

Yes, but he does not have a formal role. Chris still stays in touch with the good folks at Answers.com who now operate this site and he does answer a question once in a while,
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Is it said 'a FAQ' or 'an FAQ'?

Depending on pronunciation, both statements are correct. To clarify, if you pronounce "FAQ" as "fack", as in trying to make the letters into an actual word, you could say "So,