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What was James Garfield's middle name?

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James Garfield's middle name is Abram; James Abram Garfield is his full name.
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Who were James Garfield's parents?

father : Abram Garfield (  December 28, 1799 - May 3, 1833) farmer. Died when James was 18  months old.   mother: Eliza Ballou ( September 21, 1801 -  January 21, 1888

Who were James Garfield's siblings?

He had two sisters, Mehetabel Ballou Garfield  Trowbridge (1821-1909) and Mary Garfield Larabee (1824-1884), and  one brother, Thomas Garfield (1826-1881).   He had anot

What were James A Garfield's major accomplishments?

/ / He attempted to reestablish the Independance of the Presidency. Started the work of Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act Arthur finally signed the Pendleton Civil Act on

What was James Garfield's childhood like?

he had many hardships to face, he worked on a farm and was fatherless at two. his father died while trying to help a neighboor put out a housefire. he suffered severe burns an

Who are president James Garfield's grandchildren?

James Garfield (1889-unknown) John Newell Garfield (1892-1931) Mason Garfield (1892-unknown) James Abram Garfield (1894-unknown) Lucretia Garfield (1894-unknown)

Where and when was James A Garfield's wedding?

  26 years old to James Abram Garfield (19 November, 1831 - 19 September, 1881), Eclectic Institute teacher, Disciples of Christ preacher, on 11 November, 1858 in yard of
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What was James A. Garfield's wife's name?

  Lucretia  Garfield  m.  1858-1881       Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, wife of James A. Garfield, was First  Lady of the United States in 1881