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As an adult Kim Campbell was both an lawyer a professes a writer a politician a Political Scientist and a diplomat.
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Who was Kim Campbell?

Kim Campbell was the 19th Prime Minister of Canada, serving her term from June 1993 to November 1993. She was Canada's first, and to date only, female Prime Minister.

What did Kim Campbell do as Prime Minister?

During her short period as the Prime Minister of Canada, Campbell cut the number of federal ministers from 75 cabinet ministers and ministers of state to 23. The number of cab

What did Kim Campbell contribute to Canada?

She was Canada's first female PM, achieved much as justice minister and served admirably as a politician. Her premiership was short but in that time she cut the number of cabi

What is the code of arms for Kim Campbell?

A flag like symbol. Yellow, Blue, Red, White and pink. Kim Campbell created the arms of Kim Campbell when she became the Prime Minister of Canada. The maple leaves in the corn

What did kim Campbell do in power?

she didn't really have that much power, but she did many extraordinary things such as being the first female prime minister of Canada and In 1992 Campbell introduced an amendm