What was Stephenie Meyer's purpose in writing New Moon?

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im guessing cuz of Jacob and the werwolf thing
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What is Stephenie Meyer's writing style?

She would be unable to tell you what it is, but it combines the use of common phrases and words, with few details, allowing the reader to breeze through considerable amounts o

Stephenie Meyer's new book?

Apparently Stephenie Meyer is now writing a new book called Midnight Sun . If you go to Stephenie Meyer's official website, then Twilight Saga , then Midnight Sun , you'l

What are the chapter titles of Stephenie Meyer's new moon?

1. Party 2. Stitches 3. The End 4. Waking Up 5. Cheater 6. Friends 7. Repetition 8. Adrenaline 9. Third Wheel 10. The Meadow 11. Cult 12. Intruder 13. Killer 14. Family 15. P

How is Stephenie Meyer's writing described?

Stephenie Meyer's writing is like no other. It's different from other writing, her words are so thought through, so clever. Her words are so descriptive. They are easy but pow

What is Stephenie Meyer's new book about?

Hey ppl. It's finally out! Surprise! I have a new book coming out. It's called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner . Well, it's more of a novella than an actual book-

What was Stephenie Meyer's purpose in creating twilight?

She had a dream of a sparkling vampire and a human girl in love in a meadow (now known as the meadow scene) and starting elaborating on that. While she was writing it she had