What was Stephenie Meyer's purpose in writing New Moon?

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im guessing cuz of Jacob and the werwolf thing
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What is Stephenie Meyer's full name?

Stephenie's maiden name is Morgan. She was born with the name Stephenie Morgan. Meyer is her husband's last name. Btw she has no middle name[:

What is Stephenie Meyer's writing style?

She would be unable to tell you what it is, but it combines the use of common phrases and words, with few details, allowing the reader to breeze through considerable amounts of text without much thought. She punctuates by ear, rather than rule, which lets the least experienced reader feel his way th (MORE)

New moon Stephenie Meyer?

This book is the 2nd book in the Twilight Saga. It is about how Bella is left alone when Edward leaves and how she starts to fall for Jacob. The book sets up for Team Edward and Team Jacob.

Why is Stephani Meyer's book called New Moon?

(ATTENTION: SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED, SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW A ENDING DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!) Well, each book's title stands fo something. Twilight: This is named Twilight because twilight is in reality a light over the horizon. And Bella had pratically been asleep her entire life. So, when she com (MORE)

What is Stephenie Meyer's the host about?

its about a girl who is almost dead and cant be saved unlless they put an alien parisite. they have to get control over the soul of the girl ...but the girls soul is hard to bare control...so they live together in one body...the girls bf had left her and gave her an image of something for to figure (MORE)

What is Stephenie Meyer's net worth?

Forbes magazine top 100 estimated that in 2008 Stephenie Meyer grossed $41.8 million dollars, Bringing her total net worth to a whopping $134.2 million (usd) dollars (excluding an original 750,000 dollar contract with Little Brown publishing company)

What is Stephenie Meyer's religion?

Stephenie Meyer is LDS (Latter-day Saint). If you want to know more about her religion you can go towww.lds.org and other Mormon information websites or look for your local Mormon missionaries to tell you more.

Does anyone think Stephenie Meyer will write a version of New Moon from Edward's perspective?

Stephenie Meyer might publish a book on Edward's perspective called Midnight Sun . There is one chapter of Edward's perspective of New Moon on Stephenie Meyer's website. (There is also one chapter of Rosalie's perspective of New Moon). You go to the website, click on the twilight saga, click on (MORE)

Is there a seires to Stephenie Meyer's The Host?

No. The Host will not continue on to be another series. Sorry! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i was told that she was unofficially writing a sequal called 'the soul' :S

What was Stephenie Meyer's inspiration to write Twilight?

I think because she watched Dracula A LOT and she came up with the idea that a vampire shouldn't drink human blood all the time and that the vampire shouldn't have a girl that will get killed because the vampire can't conrol itself, so i think that is where she got twilight from. Edward really loves (MORE)

Who is in Stephenie Meyer's family?

Her husband is Christian Meyer and the three sons they had, Seth, Eli and Gabe. Her mum and dad is Stephen and Candy Morgan and her siblings are Seth, Emily, Jacob, Paul, and Heidi.edited by max Wilson :)

What was Stephenie Meyer purpose of writing twilight?

She hadn't planned to make it into a book, but it just happened on its own accord. She had the dream of the meadow scene in Twilight and wrote it down. From there she just kept getting ideas about her dream and slowly began writing and forming it into a story. When she had finished it, some of her r (MORE)

What is Stephenie Meyer's maiden name?

Stephenie Meyer's maiden name is Morgan, so she was born as Stephenie Morgan . Meyer is her husband's last name. Stephenie Meyer's maiden name is Morgan, so she was born as Stephenie Morgan . Meyer is her husband's last name

Stephenie Meyer's new book?

Apparently Stephenie Meyer is now writing a new book called Midnight Sun . If you go to Stephenie Meyer's official website, then Twilight Saga , then Midnight Sun , you'll see. Apparently it is Twilight from Edward's point of view. There is a downloadable draft on the website, but Stephenie sai (MORE)

Stephenie meyer's favorite animal?

Author Stephenie Meyer's favorite animal is not known. Her favoritemovies are romance movies and her favorite music includes AnimalCollective and Dead Weather.

What is New Moon Stephenie Meyer about?

New Moon is about how Edward leaves Bella so she will not be in danger and how Bella gets through it all by being with Jacob then when Edward is about to kill himself Bella saves him then she must chose who she loves more Edward or Jacob hope that answers your question

What is Stephenie Meyer's Twitter?

According to her official website, StephanieMeyer.com, she does not have a Twitter account. @TwilightSMeyer is fake. @Stephanie_meyer is also a) not used or b) fake. Hope this helps!

What is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight?

read it and you'll find out. lol it is a fictional story about a girl named Bella going 2 a small town called Forks and there she meets a vampire named edward and falls in love with him.

When will Stephenie Meyer's The Soul be released?

I saw on goodreads.com that number two will be called "The Seeker" and is to be published in 2010. Number three will be "The Soul" published in 2012. Not sure how acurate this is, but it is the only info I could find. No. The Soul then The Seeker.

Will Stephenie Meyer write full moon?

Oh ya!!!!! I heard that one of her books got copied to the internet!!!!!! Aw man Shout out the S.M: I'm do sorry about what happened Stephanie Meyer will continue to write midnight sun once sh believes that everybody has forgotten about it, full moon was just a joke made by some website.

What are Stephenie Meyer's famous books?

Stephanie Meyer's famous books are the twilight series. Here they are in order from the beginning . Twilight (Movie & Book) . New Moon (Movie & Book) . Eclipse [Book (Movie coming out Summer 2010) . Breaking Dawn (Book) . The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner (Book)

Will Stephenie Meyer's write any more Twilight books?

Well so far she wrote Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. I know that she was working on Midnight Sun(Twilight from Edwards point of view) but it got leaked onto the internant. She will contiue writing it but it's not on the top of her list. If you want to read a draft of Midnight Sun go (MORE)

What are the chapter titles of Stephenie Meyer's new moon?

1. Party 2. Stitches 3. The End 4. Waking Up 5. Cheater 6. Friends 7. Repetition 8. Adrenaline 9. Third Wheel 10. The Meadow 11. Cult 12. Intruder 13. Killer 14. Family 15. Pressure 16. Paris 17. Visitor 18. The Funeral 19. Race 20. Volterra 21. Verdict 22. Flight 23. The Truth 24. Vote

How is Stephenie Meyer's writing described?

Stephenie Meyer's writing is like no other. It's different from other writing, her words are so thought through, so clever. Her words are so descriptive. They are easy but powerful. She makes reading enjoyable, even if you don't like the story you keep reading it because of the actual writing not th (MORE)

What is Stephenie Meyer's new book about?

Hey ppl. It's finally out! Surprise! I have a new book coming out. It's called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner . Well, it's more of a novella than an actual book-my version of a short story. Actually, this has been a surprise to me, too. The reason why it's a surprise was that I never (MORE)

Is Stephenie Meyers in New Moon?

As far as i know Stephanie only appeared in the Twilight film in the scene where their in the cafe and the camera scans round and you see her. Its said she wasnt in new moon and that upset her a little but to be honest shes such a good writer she dosent need the camera fame unless she wants it. If y (MORE)

How old is Stephenie Meyer's husband?

Stephanie Morgan Meyer was married to her husband Christian Meyerin 1994. Although there is no generally available age information,he is likely the same age as Stephenie or a year older (born 1972or 1973). * not to be confused with the German Olympic cyclist of the samename, born 1969.

A biography on Stephenie Meyer's life?

By: Cassandra Dickey Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24, 1973 in Hartford Connecticut. Her father's name was Stephen, so they added ie to his name, naming her Stephenie. They moved to Arizona when she was four years old. Stephenie was the second born out of her five siblings (MORE)

What is Stephenie Meyer's MSN username?

First off, we are not allowed to give any IM, emails, etc. here unless they are publicly released. Luckily, Stephanie does not have any email or IM open to the public. This is said on her website. She does not have a fanmail/IM because she is so busy writing books that she does not want to have t (MORE)

What was Stephenie Meyer's purpose in creating twilight?

She had a dream of a sparkling vampire and a human girl in love in a meadow (now known as the meadow scene) and starting elaborating on that. While she was writing it she had no intentions of publishing it. Her sister read it and told her that she should get it published and she did.