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What was Terrell Owens 40-yard dash time?

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Terrel Owens 40 yard dash timeIt was 4.36
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How many kids does Terrell Owens have?

He has at least 4, by 4 different mothers.   His sons are Mike and Atlin. His daughters are Kylee and Dasha.

What teams did Terrell Owens play for?

San Francisco 49ers - 1996-2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004-2005 Dallas Cowboys - 2006-2008 Buffalo Bills - 2009-2010 Cincinnati Bengals - 2010-2011 Free Agent - 2011-now

How do you time a 40 yard dash?

On a track and having another person use stop watch to time you.

How many times did Terrell Owens bench 225 lbs in the NFL combine?

(Original Answer) terrell benched 81 times!! (Supplemental Answer) Official numbers are difficult to find as he was drafted in 1996. However, there is no chance 81 is a
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What does Terrel Owens do for a living?

Terrel Owens is an American football player in the National Football League. He's extremely successful, but has had a wildly controversial career, characterised by scandal, f