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Well it was absoulutely horendous for them!

In World War II children were innocent victims of war. They lose parents or are injured or even killed in a crossfire. Some are forced to join armies and fight as soldiers. Many are captured and imprisoned. Others die of starvation!

Some Facts:

Every three minutes, one child dies in armed conflict

Over the last 10 years 1.6 million children have been killed in armed conflict throughout the world.

Four million children have been disabled.

More than 1 million children have been left orphaned or seperated from their parents.

It is estimated that about 300,000 children under the age of 18 are still participating in armed conflicts around the world!
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Why were children evacuated in world war 2?

Children were evacuated because the government did not want them  killed in bombings and other attacks, or left uncared-for if their  parents were killed.   In Britain,

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Did children fight in World War 2?

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What did the children play in the World War 2?

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What was life like for children in World War 2?

Answer   For children in America during WWII life was pretty normal. Everything would be pretty normal except maybe the absence of a parent of they were in the service. 

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What was Christmas like for children during World War 2?

It Was Probably Boring For Children Because In WW2 They Didn't Have Lots Of Money So They Wouldn't get Much Presents :/

World war 2 toys for children?

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What did children do during World War 2?

Children did a lot of things during ww2. They were helping the women and elderly work in the weapons, planes, and shipbuilding factories.

What was like at Warsaw in the world war 2?

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