What was the British religion?

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What is british columbias religion?

No religious affiliation: 35.1% Protestant: 31.4% Catholic: 17.2% Christian n. i. e.: 5.2% Sikh: 3.5% Buddhist: 2.2% Muslim: 1.5% Christian Orthodox: 0.9% Hind

What is British religion?

The state religion in the UK is the Church of England, a variety of Christianity, but many people belong to other religions and many people do not regularly attend any form of

The religion of the British?

The official Church of England is the Anglican Church - protected by the Royal Family - specifically King or Queen and overseen by the Archbishop of Canterbury

What is the religion of the British?

It used to be Roman Catholicism in the past and then it was converted to Anglican where the head of the state (the monarch) is the head of the religious institution as well as

What was the main British religion in the 1700s?

The Church of England or the Anglican Church. The Roman Catholic Church was in existence there but struggled politcally with the English aristocracy. The Presbyterians were es

What religion do British people believe?

Great Britain is a Christian country by name and indeed, the Church of England bishops have seats in the upper house of the British parliament. However, the Church of England
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Religion of the british royal family?

The British Royal family are Church of England. The head of state is the head of the Church of England, so the current head of the Church of England is the Queen, because she'
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What are the religions of British Virgin Islands?

The BVI is considered a religious society. Their main religion is Christianity, however many other religions are found there, including Hinduism and Buddhism. There are also a