What was the name of Thomas Jefferson's mockingbird?

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The name of his bird was Dick and is the only one mentioned by him in his diary in 1806. [I too, remember Dick being written about. Dick was famous for saying, "wanna towel, wanna bath, and more 'oap?" Dick was a Mockingbird; a constant companion, even when ambassador to France, Dick traveled with T. Jefferson. When President, Dick was well known to visitors.]
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What were Thomas Jefferson's kids names?

Thomas Jefferson had six children with his wife Martha. They werePatsy, Jane, Polly, two girls named Lucy, and one unnamed son.Patsy and Polly, whose official names were Marth

What was Thomas Jefferson's wifes name?

Chanel Jefferson- Chanel was named after her because of her fashion during the Revoltionary War jkjkjkjkjkjkj her name was Martha Wayles Skelton
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What was thomas Jefferson's widow name?

Mrs jefferson actually his first wife was a widow when he married her. His first wife, Martha Wayles Skelton, a widow when he married her, died in 1782, 18 years before his