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What ways are the leaves alike?

by their parts and shapes
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In what ways are amphibians and fish alike?

Both amphibians and fish are vertebrates.Amphibians are fish are both cold blooded.Both are born in the water, or rather, hatched from eggs.When young, both breathe using gill (MORE)


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What are some ways the planets are alike?

Well, for starters, some of them are hard rock, like Earth, while there's a group of planets that are made of gas. These are the fours planets in our solar system that are mad (MORE)

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In what five ways are mammals alike?

All mammals:1. feed their young with milk2. have some fur3. have three middle ear bones4. have a neocortex in the brain5. are warm-bloodedThese are not the only common charact (MORE)

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Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

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