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What ways are the leaves alike?

What ways are the leaves alike?
by their parts and shapes
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Three ways fish are alike?

True fish have many things in common. First is they are all  vertebrates, meaning they have a skeletal system on the inside with  a differentiated backbone. Second, they are (MORE)

Identifying Characteristics of the Quaking Aspen Leaf

Quaking aspens are beautiful trees that inspire artists and naturalists alike. A key to identifying the quaking aspen leaf is not only how it looks, but how it moves in the wi (MORE)

The Facts Around Common Garden Pests: Leaf Miners

Many types of pest inhabit a productive garden, from leaf top to soil. One such type of pest is the leaf miner, which digs holes in leaves and other plant tissues. The resulti (MORE)

Fascinating Bugs: The Leaf Insect

Leaf insects are fascinating creatures and are among the best camouflaged among all animals. They receive their name for their extremely leaf-like appearance. This camouflage (MORE)

What Does an Ash Tree Leaf Look Like?

Ash trees are abundant throughout the U.S. and Canada. They are valued as a landscape feature and for lumber. They look similar to several other trees, including the black wal (MORE)

What are some ways the planets are alike?

Well, for starters, some of them are hard rock, like Earth, while there's a group of planets that are made of gas. These are the fours planets in our solar system that are mad (MORE)

In what way were the Nazi's and fascicts alike?

Facsism is the belief that a certain nation is all powerful, and has fair rights to any other property[ or anything else] ouit side of there own teritory. facist leaders usual (MORE)