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What ways are the leaves alike?

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by their parts and shapes
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In what ways are a militia and an army alike?

    A militia is a group of ordinary people who train for battle. An army is an organized military force equipped for fighting on land.       How they are alik (MORE)

Dog Hates Leaf Blower

Every time his owner blew the leaf blower in his face, this dog�freaked out and tried to turn it off by biting it. He truly despised the machine and did everything he could (MORE)

Sauteed Red Leaf Lettuce

Most people think of salad when they see a head of lettuce. But sauteed lettuce is an easy and delicious way to prepare this nutritious vegetable. Red leaf lettuce containes (MORE)

Plant Pick: Oak leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia

Native to the bluffs, moist woods, ravines, and river banks from Florida to Louisiana, oakleaf hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, adds color to the winter landscape when their (MORE)

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What are some ways the planets are alike?

Well, for starters, some of them are hard rock, like Earth, while there's a group of planets that are made of gas. These are the fours planets in our solar system that are mad (MORE)

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In what five ways are mammals alike?

All mammals: 1. feed their young with milk 2. have some fur 3. have three middle ear bones 4. have a neocortex in the brain 5. are warm-blooded These are not the only common c (MORE)