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What word rhymes with leap and means cry?

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The answer is weep.
Weep rhymes with leap, and means to cry.
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What rhymes with cry?

Pry, dry, fry, bye, buy, why, lie. Aye, by, die, eye, fie, fly, guy, high, hi, lye, my, nigh, pi, pie, ply, rye, sigh, sly, sty, tie, vie, why, dye, I. spy, dye, pry, wry,

What does the root word cry mean?

The most used meaning of this is the act of punishing the black community for things they have not even done. It is a common activity amongst many Americans these days and it

What other words have the same meaning as cry?

da same would b tear up or as guys say "i had something in my eye, i was sweatin thro my eye, and the most funniest would b it was rainin thro the roof" even tho theres no lea