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What would life be like without a hair brush?

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Horrible. Your hair would get knotted, sticky and unruly. Not nice.
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What would life be like without plastic?

If life didn't have plastic, then there might not have been other things.   For example:   A coke bottle is made out of plastic, so if we did not have a plastic bottle

What would earth be like without life?

it depends on what you mean... the earth without plant life is not good. the earth is essentially plant life, so in essence it would just be a floating rock. But the earth wit

What would life be like without phosphorus?

I imagine it would be totally unlikely to exist as we know it, if at all. Consider that: Phosphorous is part of the ever important phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes. T

What would life be like without integers?

without integers then we will do things wrongly....we would not know how to measure what is the height above sea level is nor know how much you have to paid for your food mayb