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What year did graphic communications enter the digital era with electronic typesetting?

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1965, the year Dr. Rudolf Hell introduced the Digiset phototypesetter. This machine, and the more-popular Linotype Linotron 505, worked by putting individual, digitized characters on the screen of a cathode ray tube. The light from the tube was focused by a lens onto photographic paper. Story from the very old days: Frank Romano, who is one of the giants of this industry, bought a Linotron 505 to use in his company. Linotype was not shy about pricing their parts, and Romano decided to find out what was in the machine. He removed the case...to discover that about 90 percent of the parts in a Linotron 505 were available at Radio Shack. So...he wrote an article in TypeWorld listing the Radio Shack parts in his machine. Linotype sued him for copyright infringement. They lost. Romano then sued Linotype for a lot of things, and won. He built an addition onto his home with the proceeds from the settlement and named it the "Linotype Wing."
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