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When Abe cut a large circle out of a piece of heavy cardboard. He was going to use it to demonstrate something he had been studying to his Admiralty sister. He held the circle up so it was directly fa?

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perceptual constancy
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How do you divide a circle in equal pieces?

Starting at one point of the circle, draw a straight line through the center of the circle to the other side. This line is called a diameter. It will divide the circle into 2

Why would something that has been cut up into pieces digest faster?

The same reason crushed ice melts faster than a huge block of ice. There is more surface area for the bacteria and digestive acids to make contact with and eat away at the pro

How do you divide a circle into 16 pieces using 5 cuts?

1. Cut it in half - there are 2 halves. 2. Cut one of these in half - there are two quarter and one half. 3. Cut the other in half - there are four quarters. 4. Stack them a

Is the ab circle pro for kids?

I'm a kid, 11 currently..i have no problem with it but i don't recommend for little children..my mom uses it, i personally like it cos it is like a swing but I'm 11 and 91 lbs