When Zeus took power which of the titans were not banished?

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Prometheus and Epimetheus were Titans that Zeus did not banish to Tartarus.
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What Are Zeus' Power?

He has the power to control the weather and he can throw lightning bolts. Also he has super strength. And he was the ruler of mount olympys. :o)

How did Zeus get his powers?

Here is what i know, zeus was born with no powers at all but did control the skies, from what i learned, in the titan war the gods and titans struggled to win against one another when zeus went into tartarus seeking help from the giants (one hundred handed ones) they said that when they sided with k (MORE)

Who screamed when Zeus defeated the Titans?

a shrill shout, with a sudden, unreasoning terror, or "panic," helped in overcoming the Titans. Zeus bound the Titans in chains and hurled them into Tartarus of the Underworld.

How did a war begin between the Titans and Zeus?

Cronos, Zeus' father, was Titan. There was a prophecy that a son born to Cronos would overthrow him. So Cronos ate all of his kids. But his wife, Rhea, saved Zeus and had nymphs raise him. Zeus grew up and Rhea brought him to the palace to be the wine bearer. Cronos was pleased. One day Zeus made a (MORE)

What are Zeus powers?

his power is to control the sky, the thunder, and the gods orders. his powers are almost the same as Oranos, Zeus's grandfather

What powers did Zeus have?

Zues has the power to control the sky. He is also the ruler of the gods. Zues has the power to control the sky. He is also the ruler of the gods.

What were Zeus' powers?

Zeus had many powers. One is that he could manipulate lightning. He was also the ruler of the gods.

How did Zeus get his power?

I dont f'ing knowZeus bought his powers online and used them to strike against people. Zeus got his power for taking his place from his father his people gave him the power of the sky and to be god of all gods

What was Zeus' powers?

Zeus' powers include the power over the skies over tornadoes, rain, hail, lightning, and air travel,

What was Zeus' power?

Zeus' power was he was the ruler of Mount Olympus and all the land. He had everything he could imagine and more. He didn't need anything else but, he didn't need like a real magical power like for example: (strengths, or transforming, or anything like that)... Zeus was the Ruler of Mount Olympus i (MORE)

How did Zeus get his power and why?

kronos ate all his children except the youngest, zues because another titan gave him a rock instead. zues grew up and fed kronos a mixture to make him throw up the other olympians(who are immortal) and zeus chopped kronos into a thousand peices with his own scythe, so they made zues the king of the (MORE)

What power did Zeus have?

Zeus' power was he was the ruler of Mount Olympus and all the land. He had everything he could imagine and more. He didn't need anything else but, he didn't need like a real magical power like for example: (strengths, or transforming, or anything like that)... Zeus was the Ruler of Mount Olympus i (MORE)

How did Zeus defeat the titans?

Zeus, Hades, and Posiedon got gifts from the Cyclopes. Zues got thunderbolts, Hades got a magic helmet that turned him invisible, and Posiedon got his trident. Hades used his helmet to steal weapons from the titans to distribute them among the other gods. they fought them and then they won.

Which titans fought with cronus and which fought with Zeus?

All of the Titans, except for Metis, Rhea, and Gaia fought againstZeus in the clash against Cronus. The Titaness Metis gave Zeus thedrink to make Cronus vomit up his swallowed children and later waswedded to Zeus. Rhea told Zeus how to kill/weaken Cronus becauseshe couldn't bear his cruelty to her c (MORE)

What were the powers of the titans?

Kronos-over saw crops and the harvest. He also had control over time Oceanus- diety of the ocean and streams Tethys- diety of freshwater Mnemosyne- diety of time Iapetus- diety of mortal lifespans Krios- god of the stars and constellations Thea- diety of sight and shining light Prometheu (MORE)

What was the Titanic powered by?

Titanic was powered by coal. Not just any coal, since the coal miners were striking at the time of her maiden voyage, the owner of the ship took coal out of their other ships to ensure Titanic had enough coal for the voyage.

Who took over when Zeus died?

The Greek gods and goddess were immortal, so Zeus never died, thus no one took over. If speaking about the practice and belief of Greek Mythology itself, Zeus died and Jesus took over.

How the titanic was built and how long it took?

Titanic was built from the keel up. Her empty hull was slid out ofthe Arrol Gantry and floated to the Thompson Graving Dock where herboilers, engines, and funnels were installed. The first piece of steel was laid on March 31st, 1909 and she wasstill being painted and completed by April 10th, 1912 wh (MORE)

How did Zeus become leader of the titans?

Zeus was never the leader of the titans. He was lord of the gods because the three brothers drew straws, and Zeus got the biggest one, making him the king of the GODS!

What did Zeus get his power from?

Zeus got his powers from when the Titans got overcome and all there powers got transferred to the gods but some of the powers the gods have they just came up with and got like Dionysus and wine which he invented but things like hearth witch one of the gods have i don't know how she got it

How is the Titanic powered?

Two four cylinder reciprocating triple expansion engine One low pressure turbine 24 double ended and 5 single ended boilers. The boilers powered the engines and everything that used electricity on the ship.

What do you do if Zeus took the item on poptropica?

Go to Hercules and he will help you. First go to Poseidon's Kingdom to get the Trident. Then go to Hades throne room and get the crown. Then head to to Zeus's Throne. Buy a windbag with the drachma you got when you cleaned the graffiti and use the windbag to fly to the top. If you don't make it, the (MORE)

What did the titans do that they were banished to tartarus?

Cronus, the most powerful Titan of all, had heard of a prophecy that his son would overthrow him. He then began to eat his children (the 5 original Gods/Goddesses besides Zeus) in order to prevent this from happening. His wife, Rhea, when Zeus was born, had sent him away and put a boulder in his pla (MORE)

Why did Zeus swallow Metis Titanness of Wisdom?

Well he and her were married. then a prophecy said that their child would be greater than he. so he swallowed her but she was already ................... expecting. since immortals never die she had the child and raised it in Zeus. then one day Zeus had a headache and he fetched Hephaestus and then. (MORE)

What did Zeus do to punish the titans?

Some stories say that all of the Titans were bound in Tartarus. Others say that all except Cronus were bound. Cronus was given fermented honey (otherwise known as mead) and once passed out from drink, taken to the cave of Nyx (personification of night) and left to dream for all eternity. The latter (MORE)

What powers the Titanic?

Engine: Two triple expansion reciprocating engines and one low pressure turbine engine. Boilers: 24 double ended and 5 single ended. Electricity: four 400Kw steam driven electric generators and 2 30Kw auxiliary generators.

Who took the blame for the sinking for the titanic?

Though he was never charged with any kind of wrongdoing, the ship's designer personally blamed himself for the disaster. He became a recluse, and basically lived the rest of his life as a very melancholic recluse. . Though he was never charged with any kind of wrongdoing, the ship's designer per (MORE)

Who was Zeus and what were his powers?

Good question! Zeus was the Greek god of the sky, thunder, and lightning. He was the son of Cronus and is the chief god in the Olympian Council. He can bring thunderstorms, lightning, and weather. All the Olympian gods are somehow related to Zeus. Zeus is by far the most important Greek god.

What did this titan give to man that Zeus had told him not to?

I think you are talking about Prometheus. Prometheus was Zeus's servant. He gave mankind fire, but Zeus did not want him to. Humans thought fire was magic and when they found out that it wasn't, Zeus feared they would think the gods weren't as majestic and worthy. So, when Prometheus gave humans fir (MORE)

How do titans get their power?

Robin has no power. Bio-technic engineering made Cyborg into a Cyborg, with no "power", only cool gadgets. Starfire is an alien. Beast is a mutant that slipped in from the Marvel Universe.

What was titans power?

Robin: He is just a normal but strong human kid. Though his equipment was made out of static tecnology equipments. Starfire: Her power was form by her emotions. Her powers is starbolts tha come from difference place of emotions and feelings. That way her starbolts can be difference kind of shape, (MORE)

Why did titan and Zeus went against in a battle?

The titan Kronos found out in a prophecy that one of his children would remove him from power so whenever his wife had a child he would swallow it. Until his wife couldn't take it anymore and had he final child and hid him in a cave and gave a stone wrapped in cloth for Kronos to swallow while the c (MORE)