When and where did baby face nelson die?

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Baby Face Nelson was mortally wounded in a suicide gun battle with 2 FBI agents (Herman Hollis and Sam Cowley) near Barrington, Illinois on November 27th 1934. He managed to escape in the FBI car after killing both agents although he didnt get far, his body was found near a cemetary(dumped by his wife) the following morning.
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Who was baby face Nelson?

A 1920s gangster, born Lester M. Gillis in 1908. A right nasty piece of work by all accounts. See http://www.fbi.gov/libref/historic/famcases/babyface/babyface.htm

Where was baby face nelson born?

baby face nelson was born December 6, 1908 in Chicago Illinois,u.s. and died November 27,1934 at the age of 25 in wilmette,Illinois,u.s.