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When did Charles Darwin discover natural selection?

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Most of his key insights were gained on the famous voyage of the HMS Beagle. In particular when he visited the Galapagos islands, where he noticed variations in species between the islands that rendered the animals slightly more suitable to the environments of where they were found. His experiences on the Galapagos were not the only place he found evidence for natural selection however, he also studied earthworms and artificial selection in dogs and pigeons among other things. His body of work was really quite immense, more than most realise
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What did Darwin nickname natural selection?

Natural selection was nicknamed 'Survival of the Fittest', although  not by Charles Darwin, but by Herbert Spencer, another naturalist  of the time. Darwin eventually took t

What was Darwins theory of natural selection?

  Darwin Theory of natural selection was   proposed by Charles Darwin in 1858. Darwin believed all plants and   animals had evolved from a

What is Darwin theory on natural selection?

Darwin's theory of natural selection is as follows: Darwin observed that population sizes of any species would increase exponentially if all its individuals born reproduced

What did darwin mean by natural selection?

It's a process where biological traits become more or less prevalent because animals are adapting to the environment in order to survive

Charles Darwin five basic assumptions of natural selection?

1. Variation is the raw material of natural selection 2. Living things face a constant struggle for survival (produce more offspring than survive) 3. Only some individuals su