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When did life insurance start?

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8th july 1988
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Do you need life insurance if you are single and just starting your first job that pays OK?

  Answer     If you are single and just starting your job than my guess is you are young. It makes very good sense to buy a perm policy now while the cost is th

Where do you get life insurance from?

You can check your local phone book or online to find an agent and  get quotes. Independent brokers are best as they represent a  multitude of companies and can literally sh

Who can you insure for life insurance?

  Who can you insure for life insurance?     can you obtain a life insurance policy on some one other than your spouse or child?     Yes. You can obtain

How is life insurance insured or guarenteed?

Life insurance companies may insure or guaranty your life insurance  policy in one of two ways. First, a life insurance company may buy  reinsurance to re-insure the losses

Do you have to have life insurance?

Answer 1   Yes i have life insurance that can pay well to my family after my  death. At least, they will not depend on some one else. If i will  alive that time i would

What is insurable interest in life insurance?

Insurable interest refers to when someone (called Person A) wants to buy life insurance on another person (Person B). In order for Person A to buy life insurance on Person B,

Where can I get life insurance?

There are many life insurance policies available in the market which offers you impressive features at reasonable premium. I would suggest you to get quotes from various life

What is Life insurance and general insurance?

Life insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance on human lives. Life insurance policies are considered to be "valued policies" because they are purchased in finite amounts,

Do I have life insurance?

It's not something you were naturally born with. Unless you took out a plan with your bank or job or somewhere and are paying into it my guess is no.

Which insurance is the best insurance for life?

There are 2 primary types of life insurance. Neither is "best"  because they serve different purposes and may be more appropriate  at different times in one's life.   On

At what age should an individual start researching life insurance premiums?

"An individual should start researching life insurance premiums when they have an idea of why they want life insurance to begin with. A single person without family may not ev

How can one start a life insurance business?

Starting a life insurance business can be difficult but dedication and the correct resources can prove successful. The first step is to create a business plan and make sure t