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The traditional date is 776 BCE as a festival for the Greek god Zeus whose temple was at Olympia in southern Greece.
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When did the Olympics start giving gold medales?

The Olympics started giving out gold medals in 1904 to first-place  winners. When the Olympics began in 1896, the awards given to  first-place winners were silver medals and

When did the olympics start up this year?

The Olympic opening ceremony was on Friday 27th July but the games started on the 25th with the football competion

When did the Olympics start again?

In terms of the modern-day Olympics, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) was started in 1894, and the first Olympics games under the IOC was in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

When did the Olympics start switching countries?

When Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic movement at the end of the 19th century, his idea was to make it an international event and have the games in a different country

When did the Olympics start and who started it?

The very firsrt Olympics were in 1896. Held to honor the Greek gods, men typicaly performed in the nude. The winners usually only got a laurel wreath, while the losers usually