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When did the Olympics start?

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The traditional date is 776 BCE as a festival for the Greek god Zeus whose temple was at Olympia in southern Greece.
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When did the Olympics start and who started it?

The very firsrt Olympics were in 1896. Held to honor the Greek gods, men typicaly performed in the nude. The winners usually only got a laurel wreath, while the losers usually

Who started Olympic?

  According to legend, Herakles and Zeus started the original Olympic Games. The modern, worldwide, Olympic Games were founded by Evangelis Zappas in 1859, but it was half

How were the Olympics started?

The Olympics started and originated in Greece. There are many Greek myths and legends that surround the idea of the Olympic games. Among them was the legend that it revolved a

Where did the Olympics start?

Olympia, Greece that was in 776 BC they lasted till 393 AD the first modern ones were held in Athens, Greece in 1870 In Greece. Olympics started in Greece.

How did the Olympics start?

The exact reason for the origin of the Ancient Olympic Games is unknown. However, they were a series of athletic competitions held in Olympia, Greece, beginning in 776 BC. The

When did Olympic start?

The modern Olympics started in 1896, appropriately in Athens. The original ones were some 2500 years previously. Athens is one of only four cities to have hosted the Olympic