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Whole life insurance has a definite period during which premiums are paid. This will be specified in the policy.

When first purchased, in addition to the amount of insurance selected, the purchaser selects the period of time that premiums will be paid. The amount of premium will depend both upon the amount of insurance and the length of time that premiums will be paid. Once the selections are made, assuming that the insurance company issues the policy on the terms that you have requested, the policy will state those. Once premiums have been paid for the stated period of time, the policy is considered to be "paid up", and no further premiums need to be made.

A whole life policy also accumulates "cash value". This can be considered to be a sort of savings account within the policy. Every premium is allocated between the cost of the protection (the insurance itself) and the cash value. A point may be reached where the accumulated cash value, and the interest or dividends that it accrues, is enough to pay future premiums. If that happens, the obligation to pay premiums may end before the time stated in the policy.
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What is a limited pay whole life insurance that pays you back a same amount of insure amount money after 20 year premium yet the insurance continue?

It is a 20-pay life. You pay premiums for 20 years and it is all paid up and no further premiums are due at that time. The cash value however will not equal the amount you pay

What happens to a life insurance policy if you stop paying premiums at age 70?

  Answer     There are many different types of life policies. You need to call your insurance company to get the specifics of your policy. Some policies will s

What is whole life insurence?

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Whole Life insurance is not a security. Because there is a guaranteed cash value during any year the policy is in force there is no risk of loss of principle (unlike a securit

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  It is a cash value policy with a death benefit that gradually increases to the full death benefit over time usually a period of 3 years. This type of policy is offered t

What happens if you stop paying on a whole life insurance?

The answer depends upon when you stop paying premiums, and perhaps, why. 1. A whole life policy builds "cash value". In that sense, it has what may be considered a "savings

What does whole life insurance mean?

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Is whole life insurance safe?

Yes It depends what you mean by safe. Historically, they have been safe in the sense that insurance companies have generally paid claims and let policy holders take out loans,