When does Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian release in India?

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I'm not really sure about it, but book 4 was released really soon after it's release in UK and US so the fifth wouldn't take long either. my suggestion is to go to a whole sale store rather than the outlets because whole sale people get it way before. i got the fourth book a month before it arrived in many outlet stores. If you live in delhi, then the best place is a book store in darya ganj, near choudry this optical eye centre.i don't remember the name but it's down the street and towards the right. there are a lot of book stores in the vicinity. but even if you don't live in delhi, I'm pretty sure that you'll get the book in any big whole sale shop near you.
hope this helps and good luck!!!
PS. i would have actually gotten the book myself but my exms are going on!!!
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What is Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian about?

Its the last book, so Percy will turn 16 and the prophecy will come true. The long awaited battle between the Titans and the Olympians will begin and Percy is the last chance

Who died in Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian?

Many people die in the Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, including some minors such as Selena from Aphrodite and Beckendorf from Hephaestus. It think that it would be ruini