When filing married will it affect your return?

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How Marriage Affects Return You can check with www.IRS.gov, but it will affect your return. You get better tax bracket treatment and can have higher standard deductions, contributions to various retirement accounts, etc. Filing married has many, many tax advantages!

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How will filing bankruptcy affect your tax returns?

If all of the debt is cancelled, or forgiven, you may still receive a 1099-C for Cancellation of Debt from the lenders who cancelled the debt. These can sometimes take years t

Does filing jointly on tax returns mean you are married under common law?

No. A joint tax return is a tax return that can only be filed by you and your legal spouse. Filing jointly doesn't create a common law marriage. To create a common law marri

I have an IRS lien on my refund for student loan debt and am married. Should we file married filing separate to save my wife's return from garnishment?

That's not necessary, but it could make things easier dependingon your situation. There are some things you couldn't claim on yourreturn using the married filing separate (MFS