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When in the book Les Miserables is Javert's past mentioned?

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How old is Fantine in Les Miserables?

Cosette is seven when Fantine dies, and as Fantine was a young, naive orphan, seduced by a rich student, was most likely somewhere between 16-18 when she gave birth. This puts

What is the style of the medley of Les Miserables?

By medley do you mean the end of act 1? The "One Day More" song? If you do; its called a quodlibet: A quodlibet is a piece of music combining several different melodies, usual

Who is less miserable in Les Miserables?

It's not a person, the title is in French. It means The Wretches.

What is les miserable about?

Les Miserables follows the story of a convict on parole, Jean Valjean, and other poor people in France after the reign of Napoleon. Valjean is arrested for stealing a loaf of

Who wrote the play Les Miserables?

In general : Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg  Music by: Claude-Michel Schönberg  Lyrics by: Herbert Kretzmer  Original text by: Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Nate

Who are the miserables ones in the movie ' Les Miserables'?

Most everyone is miserable, the only people I can think about who truly show no sign of sadness are the Thenardiers. Jean Valjean has to constantly be on the run from Javert,

Who wrote Les Miserables the musical?

The music was composed by Claude-Michel Schonberg and the libretto was written by Alain Boublil. Herbert Kretzmer wrote the lyrics for the English Adaptation.

What is Les Miserables about?

Les Miserables is about a former convict, Jean Valjean (24,601), and how he changes his life to help many, many people. Jean Valjean eight years after he breaks his parole,

Who are the 1985 cast of Les Miserables?

Jean Valjean - Colm Wilkinson Javert - Roger Allam Fantine - Patti Lupone Thenardier - Alun Armstrong Madame Thenardier - Susan Jane Tanner Enjolras - David Burt M

Who are Marius's friends in Les Miserables?

Maruis' friends are Enjorlas and Coufreyac, who also fought in the revolution.

What values are there in the book Les Miserables?

  I believe life is life but you must do whats right even if that means sacrificing yourself for another. And love can conquer all. FYI I never read the book but I read su

In the book Les Miserables why does Marius think girls look at him?

Marius thinks girls look at him in this part of the novel because Marius himself is dressed not richly, for lack of better words, not in rich clothing. He thinks the girls loo