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MLB in the USA, the most popular league runs from April to late October/early November.

Actually, baseball doesnt go into november! end of october is the world series!
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Baseball season length?

163 games, starting from early April till about end of october if you count playoffs, without playoffs, middle of September

When does Baseball season begin and end?

The Major League Baseball season begins in April with Opening Day and ends in October with the World Series. Opening Day for the upcoming 2010 season is on April 4th.

What is the most wins in a baseball season?

  116   The Chicago Cubs won 116 games in 1906, and the Seattle Mariners won 116 in 2001. The Cubs record was achieved in a 154 game season, giving them the best winn

How many baseball are used in a season?

I believe my math is faulty in my first response below. The following is the workup for the estimate of total baseballs used in a Regular Season in the MLB: 2010 average pitc

What season is baseball played in?

  All of them, Execpt for winter.   Spring-Spring training   Summer-regular season   Fall-End of regular season, playoffs

What season do you play baseball in?

spring through summer... there are some leagues that also play in the fall.   The Major Leagues begin Spring Training in the middle of February and end at the end of March

When is the high school baseball season?

Baseball is a spring sport in high school. Tryouts for the team usually start in the beginning of February and the seasons usually end in April. It depends on which part of th

What months is the baseball season?

The baseball calendar begins in March with spring training games. The regular season usually runs from April to late September or early October. The postseason begins in Octob