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When was Roanoke Island discovered?

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Roanoke Island was discovered in 1585.
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Who discovered Roanoke Island?

Sir Walter Raleigh

What lessons were learned from the failure of Roanoke Island?

Investors in London learned that a single-person investment in a colony had huge risks. investors started pooling toghether in investing in colonies so if a catastrophe were t

What was The Nickname of the Roanoke Island Colony?

"The Lost Colony", because groups of people attempting to establish it either abandoned the settlement or DISAPPEARED!!!

Why was Roanoke island established?

Was established has an economic venture.

Why is Roanoke Island and Jamestown settlement similar?

They were both English charter settlements in modern Virginia at the turn of the 17th century, with Roanoke occurring before the 1600s and Jamestown in 1607. Both colonies die

What event led to the disappearance of the colony at Roanoke island?

Nobody knows, some people say a flood, some say animals attacked and ate them all, disease and Indian attacks have all been blamed.

What is a reason for failure of Roanoke Island?

The ships still hadn't returned, and food was running out, plus the poor growing season that year had left the Native Americans with little or nothing to share.