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When was Roanoke Island discovered?

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Roanoke Island was discovered in 1585.
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Where is Roanoke Island?

Roanoke Island was in a Virginia Colony back in 1585 to 1587. SirWalter Raleigh received a charter to make a new settlement. Thefirst colony disappeared.

Where was Roanoke Island?

Roanoke is an independent city located in the Roanoke Metropolitan Area in the Commonwealth of Virginia . The city of Roanoke is adjacent to the city of Salem and th

What did Sir Walter Raleigh discover on Roanoke Island?

He didn't discover anything. Ralegh never came to Roanoke Island. He was largely responsible for the organization and formation of the Roanoke voyages, but he did not partic

What was the state that had Roanoke island?

Roanoke is part of North Carolina.

Is Roanoke Island inhabited today?

Yes. It is a small island between the mainland and the Outer Banks of eastern North Carolina and has a thriving population. The town of Manteo is the county seat of Dare Count

Why did the English settlen on the island of Roanoke?

The 1587 group was deposited at Roanoke Island and the reasons for that are unclear. They were supposed to go further north to the Chesapeake to found their settlement. A "gen

How old is Roanoke Island?

It was originally part of main land Steverton in the vast empire of Steve. Towards the end of the first Steve dynasty there was a mighty earthquake which separated what is now