When was Stonehedge Condominium in Silver Spring MD built?

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How far to Wash DC from Silver spring MD?

Silver Spring, MD actually borders Washington, DC so not very far at all but depending on where you're coming from or headed in either area it could be up to a 15 mile distanc

What was the Stonehedge built for?

Some people think it was an astonomical calendar, others a ritual/religious site and yet others think it was a UFO landing site. There is no absolute proof of what its origina

How far is it from Silver spring MD to Baltimore?

You Can Find That out on Google or something your most likely to get it from Google in matter of seconds then you are to get it in days here. and it depends on what you going

Closest airport to Silver Spring MD?

The nearest major airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA / KDCA). This airport has international and domestic flights from Washington, District of Columbi
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How far is it from Silver Spring MD to Easton MD?

72 miles taking this route: . Go up to I-495 (Capitol Beltway), and follow signs to I-495 EAST to COLLEGE PARK. . Take I-495, around to U.S. 50 EAST to ANNAPOLIS at EXIT 19
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What is Silver Spring MD famous for?

Silver Spring MD is a census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA. It's also famous because there're the servers of the National Oceanographic Data Center.
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What can one find in the silver springs MD?

Silver Spring, Maryland is located just under 30 minutes from Washington, DC. While visiting Silver Spring, a person may visit the Arlington National Cemetary, the National A