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Words Words Words was created on 2010-06-30.
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Who created words?

A person a LONG time ago created words because he thought people should communicate in some way like the animals do. We Christians believe that they were going to build a ta

How do you create words?

Like you just said - you create them. Some words are made up completely, whereas others have 'roots' which are inspired by older/other languages. Anyone can make up a word if

How was the word created?

The word was not created, it always was. Here are a couple of verses from the Bible that may answer your question: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Gen

Who created the word word?

the word for word in German is word too but it's not pronounced the same. It's probably the same guy who made ENglish in the first place. Who that is a mystery.

What words can be created from the word inadequate?

8 Letter Words . adequate . antiqued 7 Letter Words . antique . audient . auditee . detinue . equated . quanted . quieted . quieten . quinate . taeniae 6 Let

Why were words created?

words were created because there was so mush symbol to remember that the created new symbol now we call them alfabet there was first 22 alfabet later on the years more letters

What words can be created from the word grandfather?

adage afghan after agate agenda agent ahead anger anther ardent arena aren't argent arrange arrant danger darer darner darter dater dearth death draft drafter dragnet drear ea