When was lieutenant Robert Maynard born?

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Robert Maynard was born in Dartford , Kent, England in 1683. His father's name was Robert and his mother's name was Anne. He had a brother Thomas and a sister Margarett. Robert Maynard became Lt. Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy, the man that hunted down and killed Blackbeard the Pirate in 1718 at Ocracoke Inlet North Carolina. Lt. Maynard had at least one son named William. He made Lt. 0n Jan 14 1707. From 1709 he was 3rd Lt. on HMS Bedford, became 1st Lt. of the HMS Pearl in 1739. He was promoted to Commodore in 1739, and Captain in 1740. He died in 1750 in Great Mongeham, and is buried there in the St. Martin Church Yard.
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