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The first Christmas card was believe to have been printed in London, England in 1843. A product of the imagination of an artist named John Horsley.
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Who printed the first American Christmas card?

The first Christmas card produced in America was printed in Albany  NY, by the merchant and printer Richard H. Pease (1813-1891) in  1850-51. It was a commercial Christmas c

Who painted the first UNICEF Christmas card?

  The first charity Christmas card was produced by UNICEF in 1949. The picture chosen   was painted by a seven-year-old girl, Jitka Samkova of Rudolfo, a small town in

Which charity produced the first charity Christmas card?

Probably the Salvation Army- established l865 in England. they have long been an indispensable part of the Christmas season, what with Charity cans and kettles, brass bands an

When were Christmas cards first printed?

The first Christmas card was created and sent in 1843. A man named John Calcott Horsely printed the first Christmas card for Sir Henry Cole, the friend who had given him the i

Who created the first Christmas Card?

It's believed that the first commercially produced Christmas card was illustrated by John Callcott Horsley in London in 1843. These first cards were commission by Sir Henry Co

When did Hallmark make first Christmas card?

  Founded in 1910 by 18-year-old Joyce C. Hall selling postcards, by 1915 the company was known as Hall Brothers and sold Valentine's Day and Christmas cards. In 1917, Hal