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When was the first cathedral built in Britain?

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The first Canterbury Cathedral was started in 602 AD by (Saint) Augustine
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Where is Britains oldest cathedral?

Canterbury Cathedral, Kent was established in 597, making it the  oldest cathedral in England, the final notable architectural  modification was made in 1834. It was made a

What year was the National Cathedral built?

Washington National Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, is the seat of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Washington D.C., and was bu

Why was cathedrals built?

Cathedrals were built as monuments to the Christian God and symbols of architecture.

How was St Basil cathedral built?

St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow was built by the architects Barma  and Postnik Yakovlev, on orders of Tsar Ivan IV (AKA Ivan the  Terrible) between 1555 an 1562. There is muc

Why was Notre Dame Cathedral built?

Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris, decided to build a new cathedral for the expanding population, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Although construction started in 1163, it was

Where is the oldest cathedral in Great Britain?

Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, Kent and founded in 602. or The site of Bangor Cathedral was originally occupied by St. Deiniol's monastery, established in the 6th centu
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Where was the first mosque in Britain built?

First mosque built in the UK 150 years ago Islam has been known in England for a long time; there are references to Islamic scholars in the Prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury

Why were cathedrals built?

  Think about those inspired words: We are not going to find God in handmade cathedrals, temples, churches, shrines or in other physical edifices of worship. The Great Cre
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What year was the first motorways in Britain built?

The 'Preston Bypass' in Lancashire was the first Motorway standard road to be opened in 1959. Later becoming part of the 'M6' Motorway. But the first full length Motorway to o