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When was the first cathedral built in Britain?

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The first Canterbury Cathedral was started in 602 AD by (Saint) Augustine
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When was the first road built in Britain?

It is impossible to say when the first road was built as many have  been lost or moved over the millenia. The oldest surviving road in  Britain is thought to be The Ridgeway

Why were cathedrals built?

  Think about those inspired words: We are not going to find God in handmade cathedrals, temples, churches, shrines or in other physical edifices of worship. The Great Cre

How were Cathedrals built?

Medieval cathedrals were built essentially by hand, since there was no motorized equipment to make the job easier, so they took an enormous amount of work and generations of l

Who built cathedrals?

Cathedrals were originally an expression of sexual frustration in the early 7th Century, however they developed into a place of religious enlightenment. This change was brough

When the cathedral was built?

it depends on what cathedral, there are many in the world!! :) please specify which one you are talking about :)

Where and when was the first canal built in Britain?

It is commonly held that the first canal built in Britain was the Bridgewater Canal, commissioned by Francis Egerton, the third Duke of Bridgewater to carry coal from his mine

What was the first factory to be built in Britain?

I have been told on many accounts that the first ever factory was built in Derby, near the River Derwent, 'The Old Silk Mill' I've heard people call it, it's also a museum (fr

Where was the first mosque in Britain built?

First mosque built in the UK 150 years ago Islam has been known in England for a long time; there are references to Islamic scholars in the Prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury
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Who were the first castles built by in Britain?

The first stone castle built in Britain was the Tower of London in 1078 thou castles existed much earlier in Europe but as they sprung up so fast and historical records from t