Where are the Seventh-day Adventist towns or communes?

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It is in cocalico creek in Lancaster county. This is near the present town of eprata. It is one of the oldest 19th century one.

What is a Seventh-day Adventist?

Seventh-day Adventists beliefs:. As a Christian church, Seventh-day Adventists are a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures. Adventists descri

What are the traditions of Seventh-day Adventists?

We as Adventists keep all ten commandments.. We do not eat unclean foods, take alcohol, or do drugs.. We believe that Jesus died on the cross for all mankind and is coming a

Are Adventists the same as Seventh-day Adventists?

The word "adventist" refers to anyone awaiting the second coming of Christ. The word Adventist is the also the official shortened form of Seventh-day Adventist Church whic

What are Seventh-day Adventist community services?

Adventist Community Services is a non-profit, faith-based humanitarian agency that works across America through more than 1,100 local offices and centers. They provide the es

Do Seventh-day Adventists have funerals?

Yes Seventh-day Adventists honour our deceased and have a funeral; however we look forward to Jesus's return when all who have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus and are slumberi

When were the Seventh-day Adventists founded?

A small group that studied the Bible misinterpreted one of its time prophecies and took the sanctuary that was spoken of which was a part of that time prophecy to mean the lit

How do Seventh-day Adventists dress?

Adventists dress any way they want. They can wear their hair any way they want, dress any way, shave or not shave, etc. They will not be admonished or kicked out of the church

How do Seventh-day Adventists baptise?

Well we usually get baptized in a baptismal tank or a lake/river. The pastor will lift up his hand and will say a few words and then he pits you down into the water for about
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What are the rituals for the Seventh-day Adventists?

Official ceremonies (more or less corresponding to the Catholic Church's sacraments) include baptisms, weddings, baby dedications, ordinations, communion (also known as the La
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Do Seventh-day Adventists have to have a beard?

No. There is no requirement for Adventists to have beards. Culturalnorms are usually followed in this area by Adventists around theworld. It is true that in most pictures of t
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When do the seventh day Adventists worship?

We worship specifically on the Lord's Sabbath. The Sabbath wasoriginally created for rest and worship. The Sabbath runs fromFriday at sundown to Saturday at sundown.