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Independent Escorts in Bangalore
1.An escort should not waste time feeling sorry for themselves for being in this field of escorting rather see the positives in this business of escorting in making a quick money.

"Feeling sorry for yourself for being an independent escort is self-destructive," and "Indulging in self-pity for being an independent escort hinders living a desired king size life."

It wastes of time, creating negative emotions within the women in your self, and hurting the relationships with the society.
The key is to "affirm the goodness in this world, and an independent escort will begin to appreciate what she has," and an independent escort goal is to substitute self-pity with gratitude.

2. An independent escort should not give away the power of being a women and being a master in art of seducing men,

An independent escort important asset is seduction and being the master in the art of seducing men and it is important to hold on the art and fine tuning the same to perfection and perfection will come with experience in the business of escorting.

3.An independent escort should not shy away from changes in her life style.

Changes in a life style of an Independent escort can come in five stages

Pre-contemplation is a thoughtful observation and full or deep consideration in being a confident escort
Preparation of mind and soul
And maintenance of her body and mind.

Making changes in an independent escort is harder than said and if the changes are not done you get by passed by your colleagues in the business of escorting.

4. An independent escort need not focus on things she may have no control.

It is a safe to keep every thing under control and in the process of imagination of the control we posses we may be in the losing edge when pulling the chords in the string.

Trying to be in control of every thing is in response to anxiety and fear in a women and rather than trying to control every thing around your self focus on increased happiness less stress full life style and a healthier living environment.

5.An independent escort will not be a pleasing person to all in the society.

An escort need not try to please every one and often an escort tries to be a pleasing personality to all and considering her profession of escorting which is so called evil in this society and in the process she accumulates mental toughness.
An independent escort need not be a people-pleaser and those who try to be pleasant to all are usually manipulated and it is not the task of an escort to be pleasant to all she meets in her daily life.
Dropping her society pleasing mind sent will make an an independent escort more stronger and a confident women.

6.An independent escort should not fear to take calculated risks in her career as an escort in Bangalore.

A Women in nature would not take risk and it is lack of knowledge in calculating the risk factors and how it may affect her personal and professional life as an escort in Bangalore.

Lack of knowledge leads to increased fear and agitation in a women and to better understand the risk taken by an independent escort it is wiser to analyze the risks and ask the below questions

The benefits of being an independent escort
The Profits it can make while risking your personal life.
How am I to achieve my goals in being an independent escort
How worse would it be if the worst-case scenario of my self being exposed to the world as an escort did come true?
What am I after 5 years from now.

Calculating all the above risks and a wise decision that is more of intuition and with the need for conscious reasoning will ensure a successful escort.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore
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