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Where can you find a place to buy the magazine for directv programming without having to go through directv and being charged monthly?

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Only Directv offers ACCESS magazine. You may be able to get 4 months free if you call and ask for it.
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How do you program my remote control that is directv?

  Select menu, click on system setup, select 'remote', select 'program remote', select 'tv', select your type of TV. Slide the top slider on your remote to 'TV', press and

How do you program a durabrand tv with directv?

on dtv remote slide switch to tv press and hold mute and select until light flashes twice ,press 9 9 1 then 1 again ,press power button under slider then press channel button

Is it better having DIRECTV or dish?

Take a look at the current specials of DirecTV and Dish Network. Compare prices, packages, additional fees etc. It is also important to find out what your monthly cost will be