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Where can you find information about a picture that says copyright 1902 the Ullmann Manufacturing Company?

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The Ullmann Manufacturing Company was a lithographic business around the turn of the 20th century. It mass produced much of its product so it is not particularly rare or valuable.
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What is the value of an Ullman Manufacturing Company New York copyright 1902 of a lady sitting in a boat with a pink dress?

  The Ullmann Manufacturing Co. were very prolific lithographers around the turn of the century. Because the work was popular and turned out in mass quantity, it is not pa

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Where can you find information about an Ullman Manufacturing Co sepia lithograph?

  Answer   According to one entry on an Ullman genealogy website, the Ullman Manufacturing Corporation was founded about 1888 by Nathan, Max, Louis and Isidor Ullman

Is a print from the Ullman Manufacturing Company copyright 1900 Antique Road Show material?

Generally, I would say no. It depends partly on who the artist is and how popular they are. Ullman Manufacturing made LOTS of prints, kind of like what you might find in Wal-M

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