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What is the Alamo?

The Alamo is a Spanish mission, built in 1718 in what became thecity of San Antonio. In 1836, the citizens of the then Mexicanstate of Coahuila y Tejas tired of the dictatorial rule of Mexicanpresident Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and began a fight forindependence, known as the Texas Revolution. In March of that year, battle between an estimated 180-200 membersof a ragtag militia (known as "Texians") and 4,000 Mexican troopstook place at the Alamo site. The result of the battle was aMexican rout; all Texian defenders were killed. However, it isconsidered a turning point in the Texas Revolution in that it tiedup Mexican forces long enough to allow the supreme commander of theTexian army, General Sam Houston, sufficient time to organize hisforces; Santa Anna was defeated the following month and Texasgained its independence. More Information: What is commonly referred to as "The Alamo," at the time of thefamous battle for Texas Independence which was fought there, was acrumbling, abandoned mission which had been built by CatholicMissionaries about a hundred years earlier, while Spain wasexploring and colonizing what is now the southern US and Mexico. At the time of its construction, the mission consisted of thesanctuary, which is the familiar structure we see in mostphotographs today, quarters for the monks and "friendly,""converted" Indians, grain storage facilities, water access,barracks for quartering soldiers there for security, and a stoneperimeter wall to prevent or reduce the devastating results ofattacks by "hostile" Indians. By 1836, due to the long departed threat from hostile Indians, themission had been long since abandoned, and without the requiredcontinuous Maintenance, the mortar holding the stone masonrytogether was failing, allowing many structures to collapse or atleast partially collapse. The "Texian" rebels, under command ofCol. William B. Travis made hasty makeshift repairs by simply"stacking" the collapsed stone sections of the perimeter walls, andbarricading those sections where the stone had, over the years,been "salvaged" for reuse by neighbors in the surrounding area. Thus, Travis' command converted the crumbling, long abandonedmission complex into a crude makeshift fortress, which as we allknow from history, was totally inadequate to withstand the assaultsof more than five thousand troops with heavy artillery, under thecommand of General Santa Anna, Emperor of Mexico. The significance of the Alamo and the battle fought there is thatTravis' troops managed to delay Santa Anna and his troops longenough for Texian General Sam Houston to gather and prepare forfuture battle with the Mexican Army.

Outcome of the Alamo?

The Mexican Forces won and the Texans were unprepared and seiged by the Mexican army and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Where was the Alamo located?

The Alamo (which survives to this day) is located in what is nowdowntown San Antonio.

When was the Battle of the Alamo?

Well, the date when the Mexicans stopped bombardment and fully attacked the Alamo with the Texans in it was the 6th of March in 1836. The whole battle was February 23, 1836-March 6,1836.

Who built the Alamo?

Samual D. Johnson. He and 50 other men built the A lamo to go against the Santa Anna and his troops. Edited By: Wdebo5487 God

What is the purpose of The Alamo?

The Alamo's purpose is when an army battled in the Alamo.. The Alamo was a Spanish fort used to defend the village San Antonio from the Indians. It later became the site of a battle for Texas' independence from Mexico. Within the fort is an old Spanish mission (San Antonio de Valero) which is now called the Alamo.

When Was The Alamo Built?

The Alamo was built as a chapel after 1744, it is all that remains of the mission of San Antonio de Valero, which was founded in 1718 by Franciscans and later converted into a fortress. *Alamo, the. (n.d.). Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia . Retrieved October 14, 2007, from Reference.com website: http://www.reference.com/browse/columbia/Alamo

What was the Alamo about?

The Alamo war that started because the elected president, Santa Anna, took away some of the peoples rights away, so those people decided to fight back. . On i think March 6th, 1836 at i think from5:30 am to 6:15 am, 600 Mexicans defeated the 200 Texans who were defending the Alamo. 16 women and children (i think) survived and were hiding in the chapel. . But on April 21, 1836 (same year) Sam Houston and his troops were at a battle, outnumbered again by the Mexicans who were screaming "Remember the Alamo! Remember the Goliad!" the Texans, furious, came like an fury of a roaring tornado and won the battle in 18 minutes. But Mexican president Santa Anna escaped... . ...But not for long! the next day, the Texans found a "lowly private" hiding in some tall grasses. they dragged him to General Houston, and his men gave him away shouting "El Presidente! El Presidente!" It was none other than Santa Anna himself! . General Houston made Santa Anna sign a treaty that ended the war to and promised to never attack Texas again. . Texas was finally free! the Mexicans were forced to stop all fighting. Ten years later, on February 19, 1846, Texas became the 28th state to be part of the Union. Sam Houston was elected a United States senator. . ( i personally went on wikipedia to check if my facts were right, which they are)

Why is the Alamo a landmark?

Answer . "After its abandonment as a mission, it was used as a fortress in the 19th century and was the scene of several military actions, including most notably the 1836 Battle of the Alamo, one of the pivotal battles between the forces of the Republic of Texas and Mexico during the Texas Revolution."

Where is the Alamo now?

the Alamo is now in San Antonio,Texas the Alamo is right after you pass the San Antonio River

What was the Alamo used for?

i believed its used for showing the people of our time where our state of Texas fought for there independence

How was the Alamo important?

the Alamo was important because it were few Americans held of hundreds of Mexican forces for about thirteen days and it gave time for the US forces to get ready to attack the Mexicans

Who was at the Alamo?

Susanna Dickinson was one of the few people that survived the alamo. . Susanna Dickinson was one of the survivors of the Alamo.

Who was the president after the Alamo?

Samuel Houston, although I believe he may have been elected before the Alamo. Today it is traditional in North America for a general to trade in his stars before running for president, but then not so much.

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Why defend the Alamo?

The Alamo in San Antonio was a strategic defensive position. Also,Mexican General Santa Ana believed wiping out the defenders wouldstop the rebellion against Mexico.

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Diagram of Alamo?

The Alamo is a 4.2-acre complex. The left-side of the complex was arow of long barracks. The cannonade was in the middle of the opencommon area. Look-out posts were located along the top of the wall.The chapel is located to the right, with the convent yard directlybehind it. Stock pens make up the rear of the complex. Thick wallssurrounded the huge complex.

Who are the heroes of the Alamo?

These are the men who possessed an unwavering courage to stand and fight against tyranny in an ageless struggle for freedom. . These are the men who fought overwhelming odds and found a place in history. . These are the men who decided to stand and die for their ideals. . These are the men of the Alamo! . ABAMILLO Juan - Texas . ALLEN R. - unknown . ANDROSS Mills DeForest - Vermont . AUTRY Micajah - North Carolina . BADILLO Juan A. - Texas . BAILEY Peter James - Kentucky . BAKER Isaac G. - Arkansas . BAKER William Charles M. - Missouri . BALLENTINE John J. - unknown . BALLENTINE Robert W. - Scotland . BAUGH John J. - Virginia . BAYLISS Joseph - Tennessee . BLAIR John - Tennessee . BLAIR Samuel C. - Tennessee . BLAZEBY William - England . BONHAM James Butler - South Carolina . BOURNE Daniel - England . BOWIE James - Tennessee . BOWMAN Jesse B. - Arkansas . BROWN George - England . BROWN James - Pennsylvania . BROWN Robert - unknown . BUCHANAN James - Alabama . BURNS Samuel E. - Ireland . BUTLER Geoge D. - Missouri . CAMPBELL Robert - Tennessee . CANE John - Pennsylvania . CAREY William R. - Virginia . CLARK Charles Henry - Missouri . CLARK M.B. - unknown . CLOUD Daniel William - Kentucky . COCHRAN Robert E. - New Jersey . COTTLE George Washington - Tennessee . COURTMAN Henry - Germany . CRAWFORD Lemuel - South Carolina . CROCKETT David - Tennessee . CROSSMAN Robert - Massachussetts . CUMMINGS David P. - Pennsylvania . CUNNINGHAM Robert - New York . DARST Jacob C. - Kentucky . DAVIS John - Kentucky . DAY Freeman H.K. - unknown . DAY Jerry C. - Missouri . DAYMON Squire - Tennessee . DEARDUFF William - Tennessee . DENNISON Stephen - England . DESPALLIER Charles - Louisiana . DICKINSON Almeron - Tennessee . DILLARD John H. - Tennessee . DIMPKINS James R. - England . DUEL Lewis - New York . DUVALT Andrew - Ireland . ESPALIER Carlos - Texas . ESPARZA Gregorio - Texas . EVANS Robert - Ireland . EVANS Samuel B. - New York . EWING James L. - Tennessee . FISHBAUGH William - Alabama . FLANDRES John - Massachussetts . FLOYD Dolphin Ward - North Carolina . FORSYTH John Hubbard - New York . FUENTES Antonio - Texas . FUQUA Galba - Alabama . FURTLEROY William H. - Kentucky . GARNETT William - Tennessee . GARRAND James W. - Louisiana . GARRETT James Girard - Tennessee . GARVIN John E. - unknown . GASTON John E. - Kentucky . GEORGE James - unknown . GOODRICH John Calvin - Tennessee . GRIMES Albert Calvin - Georgia . GUERRERO Jose Maria - Texas . GWYNNE James C. - England . HANNUM James - unknown . HARRIS John - Kentucky . HARRISON Andrew Jackson - unknown . HARRISON William B. - Ohio . HASKELL (HEISKELL) Charles M. - Tennessee . HAWKINS Joseph M. - Ireland . HAYS John M. - Tennessee . HERNDON Patrick Henry - Virginia . HERSEE William D. - England . HOLLAND Tapley - Ohio . HOLLOWAY Samuel - Pennsylvania . HOWELL William D. - Massachussetts . JACKSON William Daniel - Ireland . JACKSON Thomas - Ireland . JAMESON Green B. - Kentucky . JENNINGS Gordon C. - Connecticut . JOHNSON Lewis - Wales . JOHNSON William - Pennsylvania . JONES John - New York . KELLOG Johnnie - unknown . KENNEY James - Virginia . KENT Andrew - Kentucky . KERR Joseph - Louisiana . KIMBALL (KIMBLE) George C. - New York . KING William P. - unknown . LEWIS William Irvine - Virginia . LIGHTFOOT William J. - Virginia . LINDLEY Jonathan L. - Illinois . LINN William - Massachussetts . LOSOYA Toribio D. - Texas . MAIN George Washington - Virginia . MALONE William T. - Virginia . MARSHALL William - Tennessee . MARTIN Albert - Rhode Island . McCAFFERTY Edward - unknown . McCOY Jesse - Tennessee . McDOWELL William - Pennsylvania . McGEE James - Ireland . McGREGOR John - Scotland . McKINNEY Robert M. - Ireland . MELTON Eliel - Georgia . MILLER Thomas R. - Tennessee . MILLS William - Tennessee . MILLSAPS Isaac - Mississippi . MITCHUSSON Edward F. - Virginia . MITCHELL Edwin T. - Georgia . MITCHELL Napoleon B. - unknown . MOORE Robert B. - Virginia . MOORE Willis - Mississippi . MUSSELMAN Robert - Ohio . NAVA Andres - Texas . NEGGAN George - South Carolina . NELSON Andrew M. - Tennessee . NELSON Edward - South Carolina . NELSON George - South Carolina . NORTHCROSS James - Virginia . NOWLAN James - Ireland . PAGAN George - Mississippi . PARKER Chistopher - Mississippi . PARKS William - North Carolina . PERRY Richardson - unknown . POLLARD Amos - Massachussetts . REYNOLDS John Purdy - Pennsylvania . ROBERTS Thomas H. - unknown . ROBERTSON James - Tennessee . ROBINSON Isaac - Scotland . ROSE James M. - Virginia . RUSK Jackson J. - Ireland . RUTHERFORD Joseph - Kentucky . RYAN Isaac - Louisiana . SCURLOCK Mial - North Carolina . SEWELL Marcus L. - England . SHIED Manson - Georgia . SIMMONS Cleveland Kinlock - South Carolina . SMITH Andrew H. - Tennessee . SMITH Charles S. - Maryland . SMITH Joshua G. - North Carolina . SMITH William H. - unknown . STARR Richard - England . STEWART James E. - England . STOCKTON Richard L. - Virginia . SUMMERLIN Spain - Tennessee . SUMMERS William E. - Tennessee . SUTHERLAND William D. - Alabama . TAYLOR Edward - Tennessee . TAYLOR George - Tennessee . TAYLOR James - Tennessee . TAYLOR William - Tennessee . THOMAS B.Archer M. - Kentucky . THOMAS Henry - Germany . THOMPSON Jesse G. - Arkansas . THOMSON John W. - North Carolina . THRUSTON John M. - Pennsylvania . TRAMMEL Burke - Ireland . TRAVIS William Barret - South Carolina . TUMLINSON George W. - Missouri . TYLEE James - New York . WALKER Asa - Tennessee . WALKER Jacob - Tennessee . WARD William B. - Ireland . WARNELL Henry - Arkansas . WASHINGTON Joseph G. - Tennessee . WATERS Thomas - England . WELLS William - Georgia . WHITE Isaac - Kentucky . WHITE Robert - unknown . WILLIAMSON Hiram J. - Pennsylvania . WILLS William - unknown . WILSON Davis L. - Scotland . WILSON John - Pennsylvania . WOLFE Anthony - England . WRIGHT Claiborne - North Carolina . ZANCO Charles - Denmark . JOHN, black - unknown . JIMINES Damacio - Texas

Is the Alamo haunted?

I think the Alamo is haunted, because a lot of soldiers died there and inside the Alamo there is a stone on the the ground and it says, "here lies the bones of four soldiers" or something like that

Was there a macgregor at the Alamo?

John McGregor. (1808-1836). John McGregor, Alamo defender, was born in Scotland in 1808 and lived in 1836 in Nacogdoches, Texas. He took part in the siege of Bexar qv and later served in the Alamo garrison as a second sergeant of Capt. William R. Carey's qv artillery company. It is said that during the siege of the Alamo, McGregor engaged in musical duels with David Crockett, qv McGregor playing the bagpipes and Crockett the fiddle. McGregor died in the battle of the Alamo qv on March 6, 1836.

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In the Alamo who was in it?

About 130 Texas volunteers made up of many European immigrants, Davy's Tennessee volunteers.. However, the only really significant people were William Travis, James Bowie, Davy Crockett and Juan Segein

Why was the Alamo named the Alamo?

The word Alamo is Spanish for Cottonwood and it is believed by some that the name originated from a nearby cluster of such trees. During the Mexican War for Independence, Spanish troops occupied the buildings for several years and the soldiers were from a place called Alamo del Parras , Coahuila . This provided another version of the name's origin. The cornerstone was set in place on May 8, 1744 , although the "Mission" was founded years earlier. The Mission was formally called the San Antonio de Valero Mission and its primary purpose was to convert the Indians to Christianity and educate them.

What can you do at the Alamo?

explore the alamo grounds, watch a movie based of alamo history, in the clara driscoll theater, its right on the alamo grounds. (i believe its called clara driscoll theater.), you can basically just explore the grounds,watch the alamo movie, visit the gift shop.

When was the Alamo defeated?

It was defeated by Santa Anna(Not the one that gives away toys to kids!) in 1836.

Why were the Texans at the Alamo?

The texans retired to the Alamo after waiting several months for the Mexicans to arrive. By that time, many texans who had volunteered had drifted away due to the wait for the Mexicans to arrive.

What is the climax of the Alamo?

The breaching of the North Wall. It was too thick to be penetrated by Mexican artillery, but Mexican infantry at heavy cost climbed over the wall with scaling ladders.

Why was the Alamo not important?

It was not the crucial battle that decided the course of Santa Anna's campaign. Santa Anna won the battle and wiped out the defenders, but the battle that determined the campaign was fought later. It was the most crucial battle as it was a delaying action that was known to the defenders at the Alamo. It was never expected nor was there any hope that they would win. It gave Sam Houston time to regroup and lead Santa Anna into the trap at San Jacinto. Santa Anna could have bypassed San Antonio and caught up with Houston but he decided to use the Alamo as an object lesson to the Texans. Unfortunately, for Santa Anna, his actions at the Alamo and the slaughter of the Texans at Goliad, galvanized the country and led to his defeat.

How was the Alamo destroyed?

The Alamo was not destroyed. It still exists today. In 1836, the Alamo's Texan defenders were killed to the last man, but the building was spared from destruction. Mexican field cannons were unable to breach the walls, and Santa Anna refused to wait for his siege cannon to arrive, so he ordered a costly but successful scaling attack over the North Wall of the Alamo. Today, the Alamo is very much intact.

Survivors of the Alamo were who?

Susanna Dickenson (Captain Dickenson's wife) and Joe (Colonel Travis' slave). They were non-combatants, and Santa Anna set them free.

When did the Alamo stop?

The Battle of the Alamo ended after twelve days of siege followed by a one hour attack on 6 March 1836.

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How did the Alamo get there?

It was originally a Mission, a church built for use by missionaries who wanted to spread Christianity to the natives in the area. The building itself was never completed. The Mission had been deserted for years by the time of the Texan War of Independence, and both armies had used it as a fort.

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When was the Alamo rebuilt?

The Alamo has been reconstructed but not rebuilt. People plan on rebuilding the Alamo though.

What was the outcome to The Alamo?

All defenders of the Alamo were killed by the invading Mexicans. However, the Battle of the Alamo provided Sam Houston enough time to organize an army that would later defeat the Mexicans at San Jacinto.

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Who was died at the Alamo?

there were many deaths in the battle of the alamo but the most remebered death was of general EF Alamo. he was the leader of the conffedrate army. most say he could of became pressident after obamo

Why is the Alamo you important?

The Alamo was a military failure in the sense that the defenders were all killed. However, Santa Anna had a long supply line from Mexico and couldn't afford to have a fortified command along his supply lines, so he had to take the Alamo. Secondly, the Texians had taken the Alamo and the city of San Antonio from General Cos who was Santa Anna's brother-in-law and there was a matter of reputation to be kept. The 13 day delay caused by the seige on the Alamo gave General Sam Houston time to build and develop his Army at San Jacinto. Finally, the sacrifice of the defenders of the Alamo gave the Texian Army at San Jacinto another reason to fight. The battle cry "Remember the Alamo" spurred the Texian attackers on to fight a larger Mexican Army. Ultimately, the Texians defeated Santa Anna's Army and Texas won it's independence from Mexico, becoming the Republic of Texas.

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Who was at the battle of the Alamo who was in the Alamo?

The Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836. This was a battle between the Republic of Texas and Mexico. Santa Anna led the Mexican forces. William Travis and James Bowie led the Texans. Davy Crockett is another famous person fighting on the side of Texas.

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