Where can you get replacement stocks for a Remington 740 Woodsmaster 30.06?

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www.cabelas.com www.cheaperthandirt.com proably eBay
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How do you load an unload a Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 30-06?

Answer . The Remington Model 740 is a magazine fed rifle. The magazine is removed by pushing on the small lever which is on the bottom of the magazine and pulling the maga
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Where do you get Remington woodmaster 740 stocks?

The Remington Model 740 semi-automatic rifle has long been out-of-production. You may be able to find an original stock on one of the firearms auction sites, like Auction Arms
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Why does your Remington woodsmaster 740 jam?

The 740 is a slide action rifle, so I assume that you operate the action smartly to promote proper function. What is the nature of the jam? 1) Spent cartridge not removed fr