Where did Indiana Jones get the name 'Indiana'?

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Indiana is the name of the family pet dog he had when he was a youth.
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What is Indiana Jones' real name?

Henry Walton Jones, Jr. is Indiana Jones' real name. He acquired the name, Indiana, from the name of his boyhood family dog.

What is the name of Indiana Jones 5?

the staff of kings Word says that the new movie will be called Indiana Jones and the Staff Of Kings. It probably won't be good, but I'll see it because Indiana Jones is the

What are the names of Indiana Jones movies?

Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark Indiana Jones and the last crusade Indiana Jones and the temple of doom Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

In the Indiana Jones movies how did Indiana get his name?

Indiana was the name of the dog in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), and the name of the dog George Lucas owned in the 1970's. Lucas' dog was an Alaskan malamute. A

What is the name of Indiana Jones' bag?

Indiana Jones' bag is a small shoulder bag, but if you lookcarefully it's a British Gas Mask bag (Mark VII) repurposed forIndy's use. The peculiar part is that the version of