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Where did french music originate from?

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French music originates from the classical sacred music of the catholic church with records predating Charlemagne.
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What country did techno music originate from?

The country techno music originated from is the United States. Techno music was founded in Detroit, Michigan in the Mid- 1980's and became extremely popular in Europe in the 1

Where did techno music originate?

techno music was originate in Montgomery Alabama and introduced to Detroit in the 1980's The origin of techno music is not quite known. House music is thought to have started

Where did romantic music originate?

Assuming you mean music from the Romantic Era, it seems to have originated in Europe around the late 18th or early 19th century. It dominated the Romantic movement in Germany.

Did country music originate from Irish music?

  Actually country music did originate from Ireland, but it's birth was in the deep south of the united states in about the 1920's right before the beginning of the great

What is kwaito music and where does originate?

Kwaito music is an African music genre with elements of slowed down Euro-house. Kwaito artists either sing, rap or chant over the beat. Kwaito originated in Soweto, South Afri

What is the origin of bluegrass music?

  Bill Monroe is generally credited with creating Bluegrass music in the 1940's mixing back country and "hillbilly" music to create the style familiar as Bluegrass Music.

Where does face the music originate?

There are several variants as to where the phrase "Face the Music" comes from .. 1. From the Military tradition of Drumming out of disgraced soldiers, where they were banish

What is the origin of Jazz music?

Jazz music originated in the southern US and ragtime and blues are generally considered to be the two musical styles from which jazz arose. Both blues and ragtime became popul